Handmade scrubs and soap…Let’s Make It!

Parabens, sulfates, animal testing… so much garbage going into the creation of the products we use daily that it is actually kind of scary. Especially for the products that we use on the largest organ we have, our skin. More and more I am seeking out natural skincare because of all these negative ingredients and my sometimes sensitive skin. It is great to know exactly what goes into the products that we use on our skin and we can do that by seeking out reputable natural homemade sources (Carnbee Creations! But, we will get to that later) or actually making the products yourself. Not gonna lie, the idea of making beauty and skincare products seems complex and time consuming. But, Toronto based company, Let’s Make It ! is aiming to show people that creating your own products can be easy and fun.

Let’s Make It! is a part of what they call The Maker Movement, a movement away from mass production and towards appreciation of unique one-of-a-kind items.
“We are passionate about learning, building community and respecting the environment. Re-purposing everyday items helps us keep items out of the landfills. Learning new crafting skills helps adults remember the thrill of handmade projects, and carries forward our children’s in-born drive to create with their own hands.”

Classes that Let’s Make It offers include: handmade gifts, furniture upcycling, card making, mixed Media Photo Transfers, cupcake decorating, instrument making, wood carving, knitting & crocheting and DIY skincare formulations.

Back to the skincare connection, a friend and I decided to check out the Soap Making and More class to learn how to custom create our own products.

Let’s Make It is a small, welcoming studio space located in the downtown Richmond Hill area of the Greater Toronto Area.


When we arrived we were welcomed warmly by owner Catherine, as we settled in and got ready to get our hands dirty (or clean rather, as it is soap we’re talking about here).


There were only two others in the evening class with us, so it was a truly intimate, hands-on class. Catherine was a fantastic teacher. Not only was she incredibly kind and patient with us newbies, but she took care in explaining all ingredients and elements of the processes clearly and thoroughly.

Here is a peek at the lovely items that we learned to make from scratch and got to cart away proudly at the end of the session:

Scented glycerin soap bars


Flavoured lip balm


Body Scrub that I oh-so creatively named, ” Ashley’s Scrub”


“Tub Tea” to steep at bath time


and foaming bath bombs


Let’s Make It’s Soap Making and More class is $50 for a two hour class. Given all of the goodies we learned to make and got to take home with us, I think this is an excellent deal. Not to mention the fun experience of learning and creating with a friend. Here’s a tip- Check out GroupOn Toronto before booking a class, as Let’s Make It! often runs promotions there! In addition to classes, Let’s Make It also offers group bookings, staff development sessions, and creative parties. I really hope to return soon for the Lotions and Creams From Scratch class.

After the class, I had big dreams of making all my own soap and scrubs. I haven’t. At all. It would be nice, but frankly I don’t have time for all that. So, I think it is fantastic that there are some great all-natural beauty and esthetic options available these days. Why not support independent entrepreneurs and make healthy choices for your skin and body care at the same time? In fact, TNL’s very own Chris is developing her own line and you NEED to follow @CarnbeeCreations on Instagram to find out more.

And, if you decide to do some dabbling yourself, check out a class or two at Let’s Make It!

Let’s Make It! is located at 10217 Yonge Street in Richmond Hill (905) 237-7270.

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