On The Prowl- IMATS Toronto 2015

It’s that time again. You know, the time when our makeup collections swell and our wallets shrink…IMATS!  The International Makeup Artist’s Trade Show descended upon Toronto the weekend of September 26th and 27th. This is a little earlier that IMATS usually comes into town so we really welcomed the opportunity not to have to wear parkas. Score.

IMATS Refresher:

If you are not familiar with IMATS, here is the scoop from the website: International make-up artists working on top TV and film productions can be found in Toronto. From Oscar and Emmy winners to global editorial artists, a network of experts come to IMATS Toronto ready to share their tales from the sets, their beauty and character make-up techniques and their tips on how to break into the industry. Established in 2009, this show also brings you top vendors and memorable experiences.

IMATS is a travelling show produced by Makeup- Artist Magazine that happens six times a year in London, Vancouver, Sydney, Toronto, Los Angeles and New York.

We look forward to IMATS every year and you can check out some of our past IMATS experiences here:

IMATS Toronto 2012

IMATS Toronto 2013

IMATS Toronto 2014

Holy chipotle, time flies.

That brings us of course to IMATS Toronto 2015. The show took place at the Metro Convention Centre. For the first time, it was NOT in the North building. Hurrah. The North building is a mighty trek from the main convention centre doors and not exactly convenient.

Can we just take a second to mention that one parking lot across from the convention centre wanted FORTY DOLLARS for parking?! That is insane. As happy as we are that the 6ix is hot right now, and that a Saturday in the downtown core means festivals, events and a Jay’s game…forty dollar parking is NOT cool. We gave the parking attendant this look and proceeded to the underground lot around the corner that was fifteen dollars. Sorry for that sidebar, back to IMATS.

TNL at IMATS 2015 (4)

So, IMATS just seems to be getting busier every year. We welcomed the opportunity to bypass the monster line to get in because we had press passes. We have learned from years past, that they best plan of action is to hit Makeup Forever and MAC first. So, we beetled over to MAC where lines had not yet formed. Alas, they didn’t have the products we wanted. So, we were given a special card that would allow us to purchase products from the MAC Pro store at the same 20% discounted rate that weekend. Great!

TNL at IMATS 2015 (7)

Now for Makeup Forever. This booth offers a deep 40% off discount, so it is always a zoo. Luckily we were able to submit an order on paper right away and just had to wait it out to pay (about thirty minutes). Word on the street is that this is likely the last year of this massive price reduction for Makeup Forever at IMATS. Here’s hoping that isn’t true.

TNL at IMATS 2015 (6)

Next up, the NYX booth. There was a great deal of excitement about NYX, especially because of the NYX store being set to open soon in Toronto. #nyxinthesix has being blowing up social media and we are h so excited for this store. The NYX line was pretty long but moved swiftly. We were totally in awe of the STUNNING NYX staff and found out that one of the jaw droppers was popular YouTuber Bailey Van Der Veen. The hot product was definitely the contour kit that Ash has reviewwed here on TNL. Everyone has one in hand, kudos to NYX for stocking up and making sure they had lots readily available.

Benefit was a new addition to IMATS this year. They offered a 35 % discount and we welcomed the opportunity to pick up some of our favourites. The brow glasses were not for sale though. Believe us, we tried.

TNL at IMATS 2015 (11) 8808288911390

The monster of all lines at IMATS this year belonged to Morphe. It is really incredible how the popularity of this company has skyrocketed in just the last couple of years. Last year we literally just walked up to Morphe and grabbed our stuff, this year, and the line was well over two hours wait. We wonder if this was because they had the super popular and perpetually sold out 35O palette. But, we couldn’t tell you as we just could not begin to deal with that lineup.

TNL at IMATS 2015 (9)

One of our favourite booths this year was Gleam by Melanie Mills where we got to chat with them about their  fantastic products,  and try out some of the gorgeous blingy bronzers and highlighters.

TNL at IMATS 2015 (10)

There were a number of other fantastic products and booths at IMATS this year including INGLOT, beautyblender , Velour Lashes and Crown Brush.

TNL at IMATS 2015 (5)

There were also a number of workshops and speakers at the show this year including Eve Pearl, Oscar nominee Adrien Morot and Gwen Stefani’s makeup artist, Gregory Arlt!

TNL at IMATS 2015 (8)

One of our favourite parts of IMATS is marvelling at the makeup museum exhibition which included some truly incredible creations you may recognize from movies or television.

TNL at IMATS 2015 IMG_20150926_113328IMG_20150926_113333IMG_20150926_113336


While we absolutely love perusing IMATS, learning from the professionals, watching the art and taking it all in, we tried to be good as far as purchasing was concerned. Still, we had to pick up some stuff. Here is our TNL haul.



Phantasee Halloween contact lenses

Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation

Benefit They’re Real Mascara x 2

Velour Lashes in Got it From My Mama

NYX MicroBrow in Chocolate x2

MACDeep Tone Nude LipMix in Deep Tone Nude

MAC eyebrow pencil in Spiked



Benefit They’re Real Mascara

Gleam by Melanie Mills Radiant Dust

Keep an eye out on TNL as we are sure some of these products will likely pop up in reviews or GIFI posts in the near future. As always , IMATS was a makeup lover’s haven and we had a great time. If you had a chance to check it out, we would love to hear what you saw and picked up. Let us know in the comments.

Until next year, IMATS!

TNL at IMATS 2015 (3)

One thought on “On The Prowl- IMATS Toronto 2015

  1. It’s been SO long since I’ve been to IMATS! I only really wanted to go to the NYX and MUFE booths so paying for parking and admission didn’t really seem worth it this year! I wish Toronto would get some of the better vendors so it’d be more worthwhile to go….or we could just plan a trip to the US and go to IMATS there 😉

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