#TalentedinToronto – Christina Dizon

New series alert!

The 6ix. T-Dot. Our city.


In case you didn’t know, we live in Toronto. Blue Jays, Raptors, Drake, The Weeknd…Our city is on the map big time lately and boy are we proud. #TalentedinToronto posts are an opportunity for us to share some of the incredibly gifted people that we have had the opportunity to find in our city. Hopefully you’ll enjoy this feature as it may put you on to someone cool and inspiring, whether you live here or not. Enjoy!

Over the last few months, we have been hit with a pretty intense case of yoga fever. You can tell from the foam rollers, mats and yoga blocks that are now strewn around our homes. We find ourselves taking every opportunity to stop drop and yoga, and spend time practicing with our yoga family.


Even if we’re feeling lazy some days…


While we have done yoga in the past it is our definite belief that our yoga teacher and friend, Christina Dizon has been pivotal in making this such a huge part of our lifestyles. We can truly say that we have been feeling stronger, leaner, more flexible and less stressed since starting to practice regularly with Christina. Her energy is infectious and inspiring.


Also, in true TNL fashion we have found ourselves using our spare time to learn acro yoga and headstands off of YouTube. *not recommended*

1723530_410801902436ff421_251327120_n   IMG_20151101_110145

Thank goodness for Christina!

Untitled 11351640_134741156860562_849054155_n

Christina is a powerhouse of a teacher whose knowledge, strength and energy truly has to be experienced to be understood. She is the founder of Empowware Yoga. This is the perfect name as she has definitely made us feel empowered,strong and aware!


If you are in Toronto, check out the Empowware website. Drop Christina a line and check out one of her amazing classes. If not, we wanted to share this incredible video by DerekMeetsWorld.com that features Christina spreading her yoga love all around our beautiful city.

Christina Dizon is…#TalentedinToronto


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