October Get it or Forget it


Oh haaaaaai gaaaaiz! I’m back from my wonderful month-long adventure-of-a-lifetime to South Africa. And yes – of course I will share tons about my experience in our Travel section! And though I simply can not WAIT to do so, for now let’s talk gifi. My input is actually related to products that I discovered while on my vacation, so I’m kinda sorta starting today.

Beauty Magic Cleansing Face Wash


Since I was backpacking and limited the amount of liquids I could pack, I ran out of my charcoal face wash while away. A quick trip to the drug store would fix that, though. There I discovered Beauty Magic products, and was especially excited that their face wash said “with Oil-Defense complex”. Oh? Sign me up then, because by now we all know about how oily my skin gets (since I never hesitate to mention it – ha!)

From their site:

Removes excess oil & harmful impurities. Lemon Extract for a radiant & even complexion. Gently cleanses without drying out the skin. Vitamin E leaves skin feeling moisturised and nourished.

The face wash is clear, fragrance-free and has a gel-like consistency. A little squeeze works into a lather with no issues. From the first use, I liked that it didn’t strip my skin of moisture and even my pores looked clean. My skin definitely looks radiant and feels refreshed after each use. I liked the product and the price (R29.95 or about $2.83 Canadian!!!) but here’s the thing – it’s a South African company. Though it’s cheap, shipping would be a heart/headache. And besides, I’m quite content with my current face wash and know that there are others that I can find locally that can do just as great a job. So when I regretfully run out of this product, I will simply return to a previous.

This product is quite good and affordable, so to our SA peeps trying to combat oily skin, I’d say GET IT!

Nivea antiperspirant Roll-on

Now this is important, ladies, we have to ensure you remain fresh. I didn’t even need antiperspirant, but my friend ranted about these roll-ons so much and got really excited about the price (worked out to cost under $2CAD) that I had to give them a try. Besides, I am constantly on a search for a good antiperspirant. I have abandoned so many options over the years!

I don’t usually like roll-ons because of the drying factor. I can’t be the only person who feels they have to walk around with their arms up and flailing until the products dries! Anyway, I had a go at it. Like most antiperspirants, some of the options have a softer fragrance than others; I started with the “Energy Fresh”.

As I mentioned earlier, we went backpacking. This means long hours on the go; we were walking, hiking, sitting on a buses or in a car on a road trip. And this stuff works! I remained smelling fresh like I’d just applied it, even at the end of the day. A lot of these guys claim to be “long-lasting” when they’re not, so I was pleased with the roll-on. Plus, unlike the sticks, it doesn’t stain and there is no worries about the white residue when you raise your arms. I’m happy that I picked up a few (3 – all different options since there are a few) that will last until it goes on sale here in Canada.

This product is a GET IT!


Dude. We are in November. Christmas is next month. 2016 is less than 55 days away. How did this happen? Welp, let’s get into this, shall we?

Sephora Collection Luster Matte Long Wear Lip Colour in Deep Plum Luster

I really love deep dark lip hues this time of year. Red, deep berry and burgundy hues are some of my favourites. I also jumped head first into the popular wave of matte liquid lipsticks. So, all of my favourite regular Fall colours are super matte shades. I just love the velvety rose petal finish on the lips and don’t budge for hours on hours.

One of my very favourite go to Fall lip colours was a lip stain from Sephora that I had for ages. The shade (and any distinguishing markings actually) have long left the tube, the cap cover is also long gone.  It’s a relic, really. So when I headed to Sephora, I should have been surprised to see that my beloved lip stain is no longer. I did however find a really similar deep berry shade called Deep Plum Luster in the Sephora Luster Matte Long Wear Lip Colour collection. So, it came home with me.


The Luster Matte stains are described by Sephora as lightweight matte lip colours with a subtle sheen. This innovative formula saturates lips with a hint of luster for full, matte coverage that won’t dry out or crack. Nourishing, feather-light rose hip seed oil hydrates lips to offer plush, pigmented color. The custom contoured applicator tip paints on with precision in one swipe, so you can wear modern color with confidence.

Thank goodness I can now wear modern colour with confidence.

Colour me confused. Are they matte, or not? Maybe I’m loca, but how can a product be “full, matte coverage” and have a “lint of luster” and “sheen”?

When I first tried the stain, I waited for it to dry to a matte finish. It never happened. It definitely maintains a definite lacquer and I would not market it as a matte at all.

Still, I find myself reaching for this lip product all the time. I probably wouldn’t have picked it up had I known it wasn’t going to be matte. But now that I’ve been wearing it, I think the shine is actually really nice and I enjoy the vinyl like finish.


The colour does not wear as long as a traditional matte liquid lip product that sets completely, but it still has solid staying power. Also, it doesn’t streak and is opaque with just one coat. Although it doesn’t require a lip liner, I prefer to use one as the colour tends to bleed a bit and smear on my lip line.


This is a chubby tube of product with a doe foot applicator. It contains 0.14 oz. of product and retails for $20.


I am pleasantly surprised with how much I am loving my Sephora Collection Deep Plum Luster Matte Long Wear Lip Colour (holy long name, Batman!). I think it is a universally flattering shade that is perfect for the Fall… GET IT!

Flip Belt

I hate carrying things.

Like, actually. If you know me, you know this to be true. With the exception of a venti Oprah Chai tea, I like my hands to be free and clear. While I have admiration for the girls who can live their lives with a Louis Vuitton Neverfull on their arm, that will never be me. Unless I am heading to or from work you will almost always find me with a small purse that has a body strap. Hands free life is the life for me. Even better, I have just discovered the many joys of walking with a backpack. It’s the little things, really.

Recently, I completed a 21 K half marathon. The thought of checking my bag (even though it looked like a really secure, organized process) gave me some anxiety, so I went on the hunt for something that wasn’t restrictive to carry my things. Car keys, chapstick, identification and my phone (marathon selfies, yo) were items I definitely wanted with me.

I was going to go the fanny pack route but while we walked most of the marathon, I wanted something that wouldn’t bounce when we ran or jogged. Enter the Flip Belt.

The Flip Belt is a tubular lycra belt that allows you to securely store personal items around your body. The belt has multiple openings. You can slide your items into these slits where they will rest securely against your body. Then, you can flip the belt so that the side with the slits is pressed against you and your items can’t fall out. Genius.

The Fit Belt is made of extremely high quality lycra with a flat seam and piping to prevent chafing. It features a reflective logo, reinforced stitching and an internally fastened hook in case you wish to attach keys.

IMG_20151106_192656  IMG_20151106_192705

The Flip Belt comes in a variety of colours and sizes. I chose the black and my belt is size Medium. I purchased my Flip Belt for $39, but it is available online as low as $28.

I absolutely adore my Flip Belt and think it is worth every penny. It is comfortable, fits all of my personal items and holds them securely. The best part is that it is virtually undetectable with black pants once it has been flipped.

IMG_20151106_193031 IMG_20151106_193111

Sidebar- Yes, I am wearing a Sriracha shirt if you’re wondering.

I think the Flip Belt would also be a fantastic way to carry cash or other valuables when travelling. While I find it excellent for the gym and walking I have found myself using my Flip Belt for any and everything because it allows me to leave my bag at home and carry nothing. Freedom! I think it is also great to take the stress off my neck, shoulders and back that comes with carrying bags and purses.

The Flip Belt is a product that I am so happy to have found. It is well made, convenient and practical…GET IT!

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