Product Review – Teami Blends 30-Day Detox

If you’re active on social media – especially instagram – you’ve seen the posts of people talking about one of the various detox teas. This really gained in popularity last year along with the body wraps and teeth whiteners! Well, you’ve most likely heard of Teami Blends – one of the more popular detox tea companies.

Having grown up in the Caribbean, I like a good “purge” every so often. To me – it’s more than a quick fix to lose weight and see some differences after 30 days. Every few months, I purge. It was that simple. We eat a lot of crap over time and the body needs a purge. It was only in adulthood that I heard that what I’d been doing my entire life was referred to as a detox! When all these teas started to surface, I was definitely interested in how effective they were. I’m also an avid tea-drinker and love trying new teas. People speak highly of the detox teas and like the results, so I was game when Teami sent the detox pack.

The 30-day detox pack includes a package of Skinny Tea, Colon Tea, a diffuser as well as a small instructional card:

The instructions on the card are pretty simple: drink a teaspoon of the skinny tea using the diffuser every morning before breakfast and the colon tea (already in bag form) every other night before bed. They included a handy little calendar/tracker – thank goodness because I’d be one of those “did I drink the colon tea last night?” people.

teami skinny and colon tea

The teas look and smell like green teas – just… natural and healthy. There isn’t any distinct smell to them that I’m not used to, but they definitely smell different with the colon tea smelling stronger/more distinct. You’re supposed to steep the skinny tea for about 3 minutes and enjoy; I like the taste and didn’t feel compelled to add any honey or brown sugar. The colon tea is supposed to be steeped for about  5 minutes and once I took a whiff decided it needed some brown sugar. Not only was the smell more distinct, so was the less-enjoyable taste! I felt like the colon tea tasted like it was going to act as a purge… if you catch my drift. However by the next night, I was drinking it sans honey or brown sugar. Herbal teas – in my opinion – are better without any additives anyway.


The morning after having the colon tea for the first time it had already started to… work, if I may put it in a reader-friendly way. The colon is the large intestine, so it deals with all the crap we put into our bodies. So anything that works to help cleanse the colon, helps to get rid of the crap we put into our bodies. I was intrigued to see what would happen after 30 days of this routine, because the card also encourages you to share before and after pics to show results. I wasn’t too sure about this part, but I took pics anyway.

The teas helped with bloating and energy level. I found that the less bloated I was the more my energy improved; so essentially the two go hand-in-hand. I see why the instructions were to have the colon tea every other night, because it would be smart cancel any plans for the morning after drinking the colon tea! I really enjoyed the routine of having tea first thing in the morning and then every other night before bed. The next thing I knew I was almost done…

Teami review

In other words – the “purge” was working. And I was enjoying the improvement on a major bloating issue/concern that has harbored me for years. It can be a real drag, that bloating – can’t it? And like most women, my tummy is my insecure area, so the relief was welcomed. I hadn’t tried anything before that had helped so much! It should be noted that if you want to see true overall weight loss results, exercise and diet would be the hugest contributors. Just drinking tea for 30 days is surely going to help the bloating, and if it’s really a problem you can definitely lose an inch or few off your tummy. And this goes without saying but the results vary for each person! Here are my before and after pics (featuring my dog):

teami before and after

I would definitely recommend this tea based on what I shared above.If you find are interested in trying out Teami Blends, click here or visit us on Instagram (@theneonleopardblog) for a discount code! Any little bit helps, right?

Have you tried a detox tea? What did you think?! Share in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Product Review – Teami Blends 30-Day Detox

  1. I use two brands of tea for “regularity” – Yogi brand Soothing Mint Get Regular, and also Traditional Medicinals Organic Smooth Move. I prefer the Yogi brand, but both taste very good. Both contain senna (the Teami Blend probably does too) as it is a natural laxative. I definitely believe in the power of the purge LOL.

    1. It certainly does contain senna, I don’t think they’d “work” without it – ha! It’s better than drinking the actual senna tea like I did growing up in Tobago. I might look into that Yogi brand – I’ve heard good things. And like I said, I love trying new teas!

  2. I see a definite difference in your pics. You look great! Thank you for sharing this experience. I see so many pics of these detox teas on social media but you don’t hear too many thorough reviews. Glad you had a positive experience!

    1. You’re right – there aren’t many reviews. I’m glad to have this opportunity to try out the tea! And I’m happy if others see the results as well!

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