Product Review – Bellabeat LEAF

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Let’s talk about something we love, shall we? We recently had the pleasure of each receiving a Bellabeat LEAF for review. It is described as “the world’s smartest piece of jewelry” to track your activity, sleep and menstrual cycle. So as active city girls, it was a thrill to receive them and try them out.











If you follow us on social media, or if you know me in real life, you will have been seeing quite a bit of the Bellabeat LEAF. What a treat it is to be sporting a fitness tracker that is actually a beautiful piece of jewellery. It’s so nice to be able to show this device off, rather than try to blend it in to your everyday accessories as I find you often need to do with wearable technology.

Previously to receiving my LEAF, I used an Up tracker by Jawbone. So, I will provide a little info on my experience with the LEAF as well as some comparison to the Jawbone device.

As I mentioned, the leaf is beautiful. Even the packaging had me oh la la-ing right off the bat.

The design is very feminine and simple, without being too delicate (delicate jewellery is not my thing). I appreciate the fact that there is a tracker specifically designed for the needs of a woman and the detail and care with which the device and it’s packaging was designed is clearly reflective of this.

I chose the silver LEAF, as most of my jewellery is silver. It is crafted using elegant recyclable American Ashwood in a natural beige colour combined with hypoallergenic stainless steal.

The LEAF is versatile as it can be worn clipped to clothing , as a necklace, or as a wristband with a leather strap.

Personally, I prefer to wear the leaf either as a necklace or clipped to my clothing.


When I don’t want it to be visible, I simply tuck the necklace under my shirt or wear the LEAF clipped on to my bra. So many options.

The LEAF stays put when clipped, although it can be a bit fiddly to place the first few times. And, I won’t even lie, I had to watch a YouTube video to get the leather strap on properly. But now that I know how, it is a breeze.

The best part of the LEAF as far as I am concerned, is the fact that it doesn’t have to be charged! The battery it comes with lasts six months and after that it can be changed. I must prefer doing this to having  to charge it at an outlet or a computer like many other trackers. Now if someone could just invent a cell phone for me with this same technology that would be great.

To use the LEAF you must sync it with your device, using a free application. I downloaded the app to both my phone, and my iPad.

The leaf keeps track of activity, sleep and breathing. Well, I say ” keeps track” but I was surprised to learn it doesn’t quite keep track of breathing . Instead, it can guide you through breathing exercises to aid with stress or menstrual cramps. I initially thought it tracked breathing all the time and noted when you are stressed, not quite. The breathing exercises are enjoyable as the voice is relaxing and techniques are helpful. However, I don’t know what the heck system of measurement it uses to measure your accuracy, but my results seem pretty random. I rarely get over 20 percent on the breathing exercises, except when I fall asleep while doing them. When that happens, I pull 60 percent plus! Maybe Im just super stressy, who knows.

As far as the activity tracker goes, I am not entirely certain how accurate it is. You need to manually enter any athletic activity for it to be recognized but the step tracker is good. I see a drastic difference when I compare my Jawbone and LEAF active time.


Again, it is hard to say which is accurate. Either was, I am not looking for super accuracy. I just want a snapshot of how I am doing and what I need to be doing, both get the job done.

Sleep. Sleep is my issue and both the LEAF and the Jawbone tell me I need more of it.


The LEAF provides a really nice graph showing me the quality and duration of my sleep each night. Sometimes the times are a bit off, but for my needs it is just fine.

The other handy features of this app include a cycle and ovulation tracker, pill reminder and inactivity reminder. It is clear and user friendly, featuring helpful suggestions and tips for a healthy lifestyle along the way. There are some issues with the LEAF app such as activities missing from the list, but I have already seen improvements with the updates so I imagine it is only going to get better. In addition, Bellabeat is really active online. They are very open and responsive to customer feedback, questions and suggestions.

I would definitely recommend the Bellabeat LEAF for women looking for a basic tracker that is both user friendly and stylish. I really appreciate the fact that this device makes it easy to keep track of many of the areas of my life that are essential to my health and well being. It is so important and beneficial for women to know themselves and their bodies, the LEAF definitely helps with that.

Many thanks to Bellabeat, I am thoroughly enjoying the LEAF and I’m sure you’ll be seeing and hearing more about it from me in the future!


Fitbit. Polar. Jawbone. You name it – I’ve never owned it. So I embarked on a whole new tracker journey when Bellabeat sent us each the LEAF. With that, I am giving feedback as a newbie with no other comparison. Blank slate? Present!

First of all, the LEAF is beautiful. I got the rose gold version to Ash’s silver and it’s so pretty! I’m a gal that loves to wear a good statement necklace. It is disguised as a new cool piece of jewellery that really does so much more. But what I really enjoyed is that you’re given other options  to wear it – necklace, wristband or clipped to your clothing. I think the one of the reasons I haven’t gotten a tracker previously is due to having to wear it on your wrist and it not matching anything. I’m pretty particular about accessories – what can I say? I know they’ve all come pretty far, but none had really caught my eye.

Until now.

bellabeat LEAF in rose gold

I wear the LEAF clipped to my clothing most of the time, because as much as I love accessories I don’t like wearing any of them once I’m at home. I do most of my activity (yoga, zumba etc) at home or out walking the dog, so clipped on discreetly (or displayed as a brooch) is usually the way to go for me. Besides, wearing a necklace isn’t conducive with bending during yoga or shaking your bon-bon during zumba, now is it?

The first few attempts of clipping it on I thought for sure I’d break it, but you get the hang of it pretty quickly. It has to be slid onto the item of clothing and it must be only a few mm thick. It’s designed pretty sturdily and would take a lot to actually break it, but I’m just not to most graceful of swans – if you catch my drift.

bellabeat leaf clip

A quick visit to the Playstore to download the LEAF app and off we go to play around! Since it is designed with women in mind, it tracks your cycle and has a medication reminder for us forgetful frannies. I liked the simple layout of the app:

The app also comes with “Did you knows” that can actually sometimes be quite witty! I found that helped me be more mindful about ensuring I got more sleep and exercise.

bellabeat LEAF app

When we first received the LEAF, there were quite a few activities that were missing from the list – by that I mean the activities I did. I remember saying to Ash: “how is zumba NOT on the list?!” I was getting a bit discouraged because your activity level isn’t tracked properly if you don’t specify the activity. A few weeks later after an update on the app, I noticed that more activities were added, but for some crazy reason they were not in alphabetical order. Again, it drove me insane! Finally an email was received more weeks later saying that there was another update and *sigh of relief* alpha order. It however would be handy if your most-used activities appeared at the top of the list for a quick select, instead of having to scroll through each time. Good on me for doing the activities that start with “y” and “z” lol!

Adding the type of activity does give a more accurate reading, instead of letting the tracker gauge on its own. So when I go for a walk with my dog, I notice the tracker goes up by a few minutes because I selected “Dog Walking” from the list. I was also motivated to complete all my activity and more if necessary to get to or past the 100% for the day’s activities.

There is also breathing exercise feature which I only used a few times then tend to forget to do, since I already practice yoga daily. This is only a personal preference as I didn’t see the benefit of sitting there for 6-7 minutes and never coming close to how it was being measured. However, there are benefits to breathing exercises and the use of this feature would assist in helping to calm the mind. It is really important to take a little time to try to empty the mind and just breathe. If you find that you can get quite stressed out with everything that life throws at you, this could help. Plus – it’s only a few minutes and once you get started (and if you’re really into it) you lose track of the time.

All in all it is a good little gadget and I do appreciate that they seem to listen to feedback from their customers. We’ve haven’t had them for very long and there continue to be updates. With a few more updates it would be pass  the other trackers I think.

Thank you BellaBeat for sending the LEAFs to us!

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