Product Review – Chef’s Plate

I love to cook, but being a single gal I find that sometimes I’m not very motivated to cook for myself. This in turn means that I can end up eating the most random meals. I can’t be the only person who feels like putting in all that work only to eat it yourself is kind of a moot point, right? I don’t mind leftovers but I don’t care to eat it for 3 or 4 days afterwards, so I make smaller portions with enough for dinner the next day and that’s about it. Every so often I’ll feel inspired to pull out my recipe book and see what I can do with the chicken, salmon or ground turkey that’s thawing in the fridge, while other times I can’t be bothered so I’d just have popcorn or a cucumber salad. No muss, no fuss.

I have the utmost respect for people who can meal prep. That takes a certain amount of discipline I just simply don’t possess. It’s not the cooking that gets me, it’s the thought of prepping for a few days in advance or an entire week. Every time someone’s meal prep work appears on my instagram timeline, I admire as if they’re a unicorn.

And here we circle back to the leftovers thing.

A classmate recently referred Chef’s Plate to me after I saw her enjoying her meal and she described the concept to me; it sounded like it would solve some of my cooking quandaries. And since I was able to get 3 free plates (out of 4) on my first order, Chef’s Plate is here to to save the day.


For an affordable price, Chef’s Plate provides a list of meal ideas from which to select and then delivers all the necessary (measured) local ingredients along with a recipe every week. They have either a 2-person plan (2 or 3 meals/week) or a 4-person plan (2 meals/week). They do not have a single-person plan, but I have tried the 2-person/2 meal plan and then have leftovers the next day. (I think we’ve established that I can deal with the next day leftover shenanigans). You can also tailor your profile based on your meal preference; I don’t eat pork or beef, so I removed those from my profile so that those dishes would not appear in my weekly meal selections. They basically have recipes that I’ve always wanted to try, but have been deterred because of the thought of spending on all the items to possibly dislike or never wanting to try it again.

The other perks include being able to skip, pause or cancel the plan at any time. This works for me because I would like to try some of the recipes that I enjoy on my own, plus I have to remain budget-conscious since I would still have to do other regular grocery shopping for the week.

So let’s “unbox” my first Chef’s Plate order, shall we?

For my first order, I selected the Turkey Tikka Masala and Thai Mango Chicken. When my email confirmation came, I was advised it would be delivered the following Monday before 6pm. I also received another email that Monday morning reminding me to expect my delivery.

When the doorbell rang, it might as well have been Christmas morning the way I reacted! There was the delivery guy with my order, and I appreciated that he took the time to learn how to pronounce my name. It’s the little things.

    Chef's Plate

Recipe cards were provided and the box was lined to keep the food cool and fresh. The food items were packaged for each meal and the meat was placed on the very bottom underneath a frozen gel pack. So if you’re not at home when the food is delivered, it will stay cold for a few hours.

Chef's Plate Unboxing Chef's Plate Unboxing Chef's Plate Unboxing


Chef's Plate Unboxing recipes

Measured and packaged ingredients with the meat to the bottom underneath cardboard and ice pack:

Chef's Plate Unboxing IngredientsChef's Plate Unboxing meat








And just like that – we’re ready to cook!


Chef's Plate Unboxing - ready to cook!

Each meal is packaged separately with exact ingredient measurements provided. I mean, even the mango for the Thai Mango Chicken! The recipe card tells the level of preparation difficulty as well as the calorie count; it really couldn’t get any simpler to follow. All ingredients are locally sourced which made me extremely happy. I like to be able to support local as much as I can.

First up – Turkey Tikka Masala

Chef's Plate

Next up – Thai Mango Chicken


Chef's Plate Chef's Plate

The meals were easy to prepare and there was no worry about having too much or little of ingredients. And boy were they delicious! I was able to enjoy each dish for 2 or 3 meals and I sure didn’t mind eating the leftovers. I skipped the following week because I wasn’t interested in trying any of the meals but have since ordered for the coming week and will definitely be getting more!

If you’re interested in trying out Chef’s Plate, feel free to leave your email address using our Contact page and I can send a link to get free plates with my referral. If you’ve tried this service before, leave your comments below on what you thought!


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