H20 Float Spa Experience

If you live in a big city, chances are you’ve been seeing float spas pop up all over town. I am always down to try something new and innovative, and if it contributes to my health and wellness…even better!
Neck and shoulder tension have plagued me for as long as I can remember. I also get really annoying frequent headaches. I often have Epsom baths to combat this, but floating has been recommended to me a few times. I visited the H20 Float Spa in Toronto for a hydrotherapy session and I am so glad I did.

At H20 Float Spa there are float tubs and pods that each contain over 1000 pounds of the highest quality of Epsom Salt dissolved in 10 inches of water. All float rooms are entirely light and sound insulated for a weightless sensory deprivation experience.
The benefits of floating are numerous. Check it out:
*helps to keep your skin soft and elastic
*facilitates and accelerates muscle tissue healing and repair following strenuous physical *activity, exercise or injury
*soothes the inflammation of joints, back pain, neck, shoulder, and hip stiffness, arthritic conditions, and most strains and sprains.
*helps combat the effects of chronic fatigue and facilitates a more restful sleep at night
*can significantly enhance creativity, concentration, focus and mental agility
*reduces the symptoms of stress, depression, anxiety and migraine headaches, and more
*can aid in achieving a very deep and sustained meditative state
Sounds good to me. I know I feel the benefits after an epsom bath at home, so I had no doubt that floating would only magnify those results.

H20 Float Spa is a beautiful facility that had warm, friendly staff. I was welcomed as soon as I arrived. I filed out a form and signed a waiver, then I was given a key to a locker and shown to the change room.

I changed into a fluffy white robe and flip flops to wait for my RMT.

My hydrotherapy appointment involved meeting with an RMT before my float. I thought this would be a good option as it allowed the RMT to assess my needs and create a personalized treatment plan which incorporates floating. She gave me an incredible 15 minute massage before my float to loosen up my neck and shoulders and work out some knots.

Float time!
The floating room that I was in was wonderful. It had heated floors and a shower for before and after my float.


Everything was very clean and I had no worries about the water as all the water in the pods & tubs is circulated 24/7 and multiple times between users to pull out any organic impurities in the water through UV and Ozonator Filters. In addition H20 Float Spa treats the water with hydrogen peroxide to help break down the organic matter so the filters do an even better job of keeping the water sparkling clean. This is just an extra precaution required to ensure that all bacteria is killed. The water is also tested several times a day as well as at an outside facility to ensure safe Alkaline & PH levels are intact. The salt concentration in the float water is 30% and pathogenic organisms can not survive salt concentrations above approximately 10 percent. Good to go.
H20 Float Spa has both tubs and pods. I chose to float in a pod.

In the pod, the temperature of the water and air are maintained at a constant 34 degrees Celsius. As this is the body’s normal skin surface temperature, it creates a feeling of oneness with the water. The pod has a lid you pull down for a truly silent, isolated experience. It also has LED lights inside if you prefer. You can also bring music if you chose to listen to it during your float. I opted for silence.

The float is an hour long and staff will notify you through an intercom within the pod when your time is up.

When my float time started I took a quick shower then inserted the provided earplugs. I stepped into the pod, careful to hold the handle because it is super slippery. I shudder to think how many people must have been all ready for their super Zen experience only to suffer a naked wipeout.

I closed the pod and turned off the LED light for the first part of my float and the experience was amazing. In complete darkness, you truly begin to forget where you are and do not feel like you are in the confines of a little pod. At first, I found it difficult not to tense up my neck, because you feel as though the water won’t support it. Once I did, it was extremely relaxing to feel weightless.

One cool thing about being in the pod was that I felt like I had no concept of time. I wasn’t sure if it had been ten minutes, or forty. It felt like I was in there a lot longer than one hour. You can’t really smell or feel the salt unless you make the mistake of getting some water in your eye. There is a spray bottle and towel within the pod in case this happens.
After my hour float, I emerged feeling truly relaxed and rested. My bff and I always say that after sauna sessions we love feeling like cooked noodles. I felt like a noodle. But without the sleepy lethargic feeling that the heat from a sauna can give me. Hmmm…An energized noodle?
An after float shower is necessary, as the salt starts to leave a white film on your skin as it dries. I found it also made my hair feel dry so I rinsed and conditioned it immediately and I was good to go.
A hydrotherapy session with RMT consultation at H20 Float Spa is $99 CAD.  I think it is well worth it. The benefits of floating are numerous, and the experience is relaxing and serene. In our busy hectic lives, there are not many opportunities to just “be” without stimulations or distractions. This experience allowed for that. If you have tried floating, I would love to hear all about it. If you give it a try, please come report back.

H20 Float Spa is located at 138 Danforth Avenue in Toronto  (647)349-0426
Happy floating!


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