Ballerina, or not? Barre class at Barre Beautiful

My ballet career was short lived. In fact, it didn’t last much longer than after this picture was taken.

Fast forward a few years (fine, decades) and I decided to reawaken the ballerina within by attempting a barre class.

Barre Beautiful is located in central Toronto’s Eglinton and Yonge district. It is non-descript from street level and I actually got a bit confused looking for the door. I thought I was headed to the hair salon.


Look for the b logo on the door.


The studio is absolutely stunning. I adore the modern and luxurious feel in the space. My friend and I remarked that we felt like we were at a spa rather than in a workout space.

The classes offered at Barre Beautiful are varied.

Classic Barre: Signature true ballet class featuring a bit of everything and targeting the entire body.

Cardio Barre: Work and sweat like a dancer in this intense cardio and sculpting workout.

Barre Sculpt and Tone: This minimal sweat and maximum burn workout sculpts a long lean physique utilizing resistance bands and weights.

Advanced Barre: Only for experiences clientele and admission must be approved by the instructor.

Adult Ballet: A drop in ballet session tailored to each participant’s level and desire.

Dancefit: Dance your way to a longer leaner physique with this fun and energetic workout set to great music.

Mixed Barre: A mixed level class that combines exercises from Classic, Sculpt & Tone and Cardio.

We chose a Sunday morning Mixed Barre class as we thought it would be a great introduction to the classes at this studio. This was a 55 minute class that incorporated weights, the barre and some mat work.

This class was definitely challenging, particularly some of the high repetition lower body moves. However, I found it to be a bit slow. This is heavily ballet based and probably more of an actual ballet class than a bar class I took at another studio. I think for some , this would be a great thing , but I really need loud fast paced music to fuel my workouts. This class was full of schmancy ballet toe points  (  much more proper French words were used for this in the class) and movements. It incorporated a weighted ball and some light mat work.

Barre Beautiful has a fantastic introductory deal where the first class is $18 CAD and it is buy one get one free. Both classes must be used by the same person. For this excellent price, I am happy to have had the opportunity to try Barre Beautiful. Since I discovered that the Mixed Barre class is not for me, I plan to use my BOGO class to try a different one. Dancefit sounds most up my alley, but I don’t see it on the Barre Beautiful schedule. So, I’ll keep my eyes peeled in the meantime.

I am always looking for unique and fun ways to get moving, I am glad I have Barre Beautiful a try. If you are a fan of ballet and have a bit more grace in that department than me (not hard to achieve) then I think you would really enjoy classes here. Either way, the amazing intro deal makes it worth checking out!


If you have tried barre classes, I would love to hear about it!

Barre Beautiful is located at 2156 Yonge Street in Toronto. (647)748-2156

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