April Get it or Forget it


NYX Wonder Stick



Who else is excited that NYX not only has a flagship store on Queen St but is now FINALLY available at Shoppers? No more planning trips to simply peruse their products at that lone Rexall and simply buying it online instead – YEAH!

I want to try ALL OF THE THINGS but let’s be reasonable here, Chris. I settled on the Wonder Stick although there was only the “Universal” available; what does that mean? Like is this REALLY going to work on my skin tone? *cue black girl side-eye*. But I bought it anyway – it is my duty as a blogger anyway. And it features one of my favourite MUA’s to follow on Instagram on the packaging @vegas_nay:


I opened it and got a little hopeful, that maybe it could work.


But see, the thing is – it didn’t really:


The idea is to use one side to contour and the other side to highlight after you prep your skin for makeup. I would share pictures of  a completed makeup look, but there was no visible difference with this contour stick. And note that my hands are a bit lighter than my face and it’s barely there already. It unfortunately looked darker on the packaging than when applied. I do however use the highlight side on my brow-bone, but at $14 I’d need both sides to be effective.

There are deeper shades like the usual “medium” and “deep” that would attribute better results. But I think it may still leave out my darker skin-toned sistas.

So, this gets a FORGET IT!


Cherry Bomb Soap Co. Bath bombs

When you hear bath bombs you naturally think of Lush, right? They are these balls of fizzy amazingness waiting to take your bath to a whole new level with bursts of sweet aromas. So how about a more natural and affordable option? We stumbled upon Cherry Bomb Soap Co. at the Yoga Show and loved everything about that their brand represented. From their site:

“We hand craft our Cherry Bomb products in small fresh batches created in fun flavours that give your bath a real scent explosion! We use the same high quality ethically sourced natural ingredients as Sweetgrass&Rain while also including selected skin safe phthalate free fragrance. Cherry Kernel Oil with its amazing skin loving properties is the moisturiser of choice for our Cherry Bomb Bath Bombs. Exotic vegan butters, clays, botanical extracts and mineral pigments add extra richness and gorgeous tints. Cherry Bomb natural soaps are long lasting and super gentle on your skin. All our foaming bath bombs and soaps are paraben free, SLS free, FD&C colour free, 100% vegan** and cruelty free.”


They smell AMAZING and are so fragrant that I just love opening my linen closet now – just to take a whiff haha! So I hadn’t used bath bombs before so I didn’t quite know how much drama to expect. Like would it fizz then die, be bubbly or what’s going on here? I was so excited.

The bath bomb dissolved easily and the fragrance remained. It fizzed and bubbled enough to make the bath very enjoyable.



I really enjoyed soaking in my bath with this product. Baths are already pretty amazing and relaxing, but adding the sweet aromas and how silky it left my skin feeling and I’m surprised I got out!

This product is a definite GET IT!



Pro FX Quick Dry Topcoat

Ok here’s the thing…You’re going to want to move on this one ASAP because this product seems to be selling out from stores quickly. I had to visit 3 Walmarts to find a second bottle. So take a break for a moment from reading this and go warm up your car, order your Uber or rip off a bus ticket. Do what you need to do, but get going to Walmart.

After you finish reading this post …of course.

First of all, I only use Sally Hansen Miracle Gel nail colour on my nails. It is simply the best I’ve tried in that it is long wearing and it never chips. I need to pair it with a fast dying topcoat otherwise my impatience gets the best of me and I inevitably have those telltale sheet marks on my nails, telling the world that I went to bed before my nails were fully dry. If Miracle Gel would kindly come out with a quick dry topcoat to accompany their polishes, I would be a happy gal with my one stop nail shopping. However, they don’t, so I use Seche Vite and Essie’s Good to Go. Nothing makes me antsier than waiting for nails to dry with anything but a quick dry formula top coat. I need speed.

I went to Wal-Mart intending to pick up an Essie Good to Go. Alas, they were sold out. I saw the NAME and honestly picked it up simply because I thought the big round bottle was cute. I didn’t want to buy a super pricy top coat because I figured I would only need it in the interim until I could pick up the Essie or Seche Vite. So, with the $4.98 price tag I decided to give the Pro FX Quick Dry Topcoat a try.


Pro FX is a brand I had never heard of before. They promise that this topcoat will dry nail color in minutes and will penetrate and dry all coats of nail polish. It should create a smooth, mirror-like shine.

I was really impressed with the Pro FX Quick Dry Topcoat right away. It delivers high shine and dries almost instantly. My manicures with the Miracle Gel polish wear just as long as they do with the higher end topcoats with zero chipping.


The value of this topcoat is incredible because it is under five dollars for a ginormous 75 mL salon size. This is without a doubt one of my best GIFI finds so I suggest you run to your local Walmart and GET IT!

It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream

Have you been keeping up with The Neon Leopard?

If so…1) I love you for it 2) you probably know that I have had the really good fortune of coming across some products that my skin really responds well to lately. As a result, my skin is more even and clear that it has been in years, and I am thrilled!

Because my skin is happy, I don’t really need to wear makeup every day. I never thought I would say that. Also, when I do wear makeup, I don’t always need a full coverage foundation. My favourite foundations are still the same, with Estee Lauder Double Wear being my ride or die, but I have also been on the hunt for something lighter.

It Cosmetics has been on my radar for a while, but it is not available in Canadian stores (it is available through The Shopping Channel). I picked up the Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream in Buffalo and was excited to give it a try. For me, the name “Your Skin but Better” really caught my eye, because that is exactly what I am looking for. I never really got into the whole BB cream thing, so the fact that it is a supposed CC cream doesn’t interest me much.


Here is what It Cosmetics has to say about the product:

Developed with leading plastic surgeons, Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ is truly a multi-tasking beauty miracle. It’s your SPF 50+ UVA/UVB Physical only sunscreen that protects against the rays that both burn your skin and age your skin. CC+ is infused with cutting edge Anti-Aging technology and is clinically shown to improve skin texture, brightness and increase skin hydration by 79%. The Anti-Aging hydrating formula is infused with Peptides, Niacin, Algae, Vitamins A, C, B, E, Hyaluronic Acid and Hydrolyzed Collagen along with Antioxidants and exotic natural botanicals for long-term brightening and color-correcting benefits.

I know it’s terrible, but I never wear sunscreen on my face. I rely solely on the sun protection that is in my makeup, so a 50 SPF is very beneficial for me.

I love the packaging of the CC+ Cream, particularly that it has a pump. A 1.08 oz. tube retails for $38 USD.

The cream itself is creamy and thick, but sheers out beautifully when I apply it with my favourite Sigma f80 brush or a BeautyBlender. I thought that the high sun protection may this cream feel heavy or greasy on the skin, but not at all. It feels light and smooth. I think “Your Skin But Better” is a great name for this product because it truly does feel and look like skin.


The formula of the It Cosmetics CC+ Cream is excellent, but I am a little unsure about the colour. I have the shade tan and I think the colour is a touch cool toned for my skin. I hate when products only come in a handful of shades. The CC+ Cream only comes in five, so I imagine lots of other will have to tweak to get a perfect match. I will experiment with mixing in some darker/ warmer products I have to find a perfect shade, but this is what the CC+ cream looks like on my face as is.


I am glad to have purchased with the It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream. I am disappointed at the lack of diverse shade selection, but think the formula and wear is excellent. I would advise anyone to be sure and swatch before buying to ensure one of the five available colours will work. If they do then I would definitely say to GET IT!


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