#TalentedinToronto Product Review – Ajani Cosmetics

Do you know what’s better than discovering a new lipstick brand? Discovering a new & local sista-run lipstick business. Thanks to social media, Yasheda Johnson – girl boss of Ajani Cosmetics – became one of my most active Instagram followers (and vice-versa) over the past year. So when she relaunched her brand and website a few months ago, I didn’t hesitate to show some support to a local business.

Ajani Cosmetics makes 100% vegan and cruelty-free matte lipsticks – all natural ingredients made by hand and in small batches to ensure the freshest quality. There are 15 shades to to choose from (at $11 CDN each), and though I have quite a few lipsticks, I tried to select colours that I do not have in my collection.

Seeing as she is in Toronto, I noticed there was a “free shipping/meet-up” option and messaged her about it. It turned out that we live relatively close to each other and she would be able to drop my order off. Score!

I went with “Berry Bossy” and “Sealed with a kiss” matte liquid lipsticks and luckily was able to take advantage of a limited-time discount code of 10% off.

 Berry Bossy Sealed with a kiss

I received a message from Yasheda within a week to arrange drop-off the next day. When that day came, I received another message advising me that she didn’t like how “Berry Bossy” was swatching and that she wanted to make a new batch. She asked if I minded waiting a few more days. I really appreciated that extra step of customer service and certainly didn’t mind waiting. I mean, I have a few lippies to tide me over……

Fast-forward a few days and my order was being dropped off by the gorgeous Yasheda!


The applicator was a brush with soft bristles for easy and even distribution of the product:


There are only 9 ingredients that include: glycerin, coconut oil, castor oil and vitamin E and they have a great, smooth easy-to-apply texture. Though “Berry Bossy” was darker than I had anticipated, I knew it would be a great colour for the fall! I called to mind the message I’d gotten about the shade not swatching properly and considered how much work must go into making it look “just right”.


I wore “Sealed with a kiss” first and really liked how soft it felt while giving a matte finish that… get this… didn’t dry out my lips! Hours later and the product had remained and my lips weren’t cracking and dying. This is no easy feat for matte lipsticks; you know how it goes – you have to sacrifice moisture for a that beautiful velvet finish.  And just like that – I had found a new favourite lip colour.

Chris-Ajani Cosmetics - Sealed with a kiss

Next up is “Berry Bossy” in all its deep, dark purple splendor. A tiny part of me wished that it was fall so that I could wear it all the time. But since I’m a lover of bright colours and it is that time of year (although let’s face it, I wear bright colours regardless of time of year)… I was torn. It went on just as smooth as “Sealed with a kiss” and again lasted all day without drying out my lips.

Ajani cosmetics berry bossy1

 Overall, I really liked Ajani Cosmetics and can say with certainty that I’d order again! She just added some spring nudes if you love yourself a nude lip. If you live in the Toronto area and have been looking for some new lip products to try without the hassle of exchange rates and astronomical shipping costs, check out Yasheda at Ajani Cosmetics! Tell her that I sent you.

If you’ve tried Ajani Cosmetics, please share your experience below!

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