May Get it or Forget it


Salma Hayek White Clay Mask

I love discovering new products, don’t you? I didn’t even know that Salma Hayek was another celeb that had tried her hand at skin care products, essentially sharing what gives her that beautiful youthful skin. Okay Salma, you have my attention. There is an array to choose from this line; from serums and eye treatments to moisturizers and body lotions! I however only saw the white clay mask at Winners for $12.99 which I found it to be a very decent price considering the size of the product.

Salma Hayek White Clay Mask

As the seasons change, I have to pay closer to attention to how oily my skin can get at this time of year. It’s out of control, you see. Anyway, I like using clay masks because on top of firming and renewing the skin, it absorbs all the excess toxins that cause the oiliness. This product is described to “help cleanse, adsorb excess oil and improve skin tone for a clear, radiant complexion“. Ah – there it is.

So after cleansing my skin, I apply a thin layer and wait about 5-10 minutes before rinsing. It gets nice and tingly which I absolutely LOVE because I find it calming. It has something called Tepezcohuite along with Lemon Extract which is explained as being beneficial for lifting away dead skin cells along with calendula to calm and soothe. I love how it felt; so much so that I might forget and leave it on longer than the recommended 5 minutes!

Whenever I wash and air-dry my skin (I think I’ve said before that I do not use towels on my face), my skin feels fresh and rejuvenated without feeling strained or stripped of moisture. The best way to tell how a product works (for me) is how my skin feels the following morning. With this product, my skin still feels baby-bottom smoooooth and fresh!

So basically I am now on the hunt for other products from this line. This is a definite GET IT!

Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk


This is one of those products that I had really high hopes for. After all – it’s Carol’s Daughter! I’ve used their products before. I even spoke about the Monoi Oil Repairing Hair Mask  referring to it as one of my favorite deep conditioners.

My hair gets very, very dry and I find these products did nothing to help that. I tried them a few times and there was no added moisture or any earth-shattering results. The Hair Pudding also didn’t attribute the type of twist-out results I had hoped for and just left my hair feeling just as dry.

I was really disappointed, but this is only one of their many products. My hair was not here for this combo so for me this gets a FORGET IT.


Physician’s Formula Super BB #InstaReady Contour Trio BB Stick in Bronze

Have you read about our experience at Toronto’s first Generation Beauty event?

We picked up loads of product. Even though we received the products in May, I can assure you that you will be seeing these products in some of my upcoming GIFI posts because it will take me a while crack them all open and try them.

One product I wasted no time ripping open was the Physician’s Formula Super BB #InstaReady Contour Trio BB Stick in Bronze.


That name is ridiculous. Why is “BB” in there twice? What’s with the hashtag? So. Many. Questions.  I refuse to type it out in it’s entirety again for the duration of this review. We are going to go with Contour Trio Stick, k?

Physician’s Formula has been receiving a great deal of attention for their Butter Bronzer, but I had never heard of their bronzer stick before receiving it.

Here is the scoop from Physician’s Formula:

Express Your #Selfie: Multi-tasking all-in-1 Contour Trio BB Stick glides on effortlessly, instantly contouring and adding definition to your face! Velvety soft formula with dual-sphere particles absorbs oil but not moisture to create a smooth, skin-perfecting finish. Complexion is instantly selfie-ready!#FoolproofContouring: Ultra-blendable and easy-to-use stick features three essential contouring shades to perfectly highlight, bronze and create definition with just one swipe. – Highlight: Adds radiance – Sculpt: Adds warmth – Contour: Adds definition Featuring InstaFilter Technology, a proprietary blend of mattifying and pore balancing spherical beads, color filter pigments and high-tech polymers that work together to instantly optimize light reflection, blur imperfections and visibly retexturize skin.

I usually avoid cream products. I find them messy , greasy and difficult to blend.

But , I welcomed the opportunity to give this little guy a try.

The product itself is super cute. It comes in a three shade stick format that rolls up like a deodorant. It is quite small, I actually thought it was a mini at first. But, a little goes a long way. It retails for $15.79, so on the higher side for a drug store product. The Contour Trio Stick is hypoallergenic, fragrance free, paraben free and non-comedogenic.


After applying my It Cosmetics CC cream to my face, I simply swiped the Contour Trio Stick on each side of my face, lining up the bottom ( darkest shade) with the hollows of my cheeks.


The cream glides well but is not greasy and leaves a neat trio of lines perfectly placed on my face. I find that this product blends out super easily with both a brush or a sponge. I have been using my Real Techniques wet blending sponge and it blends out perfectly instantly.


The result is subtle , but talk about foolproof contour and highlight. It also leaves my skin with a healthy dewy finish that is not too oily or shiny.


I am very impressed with this product and would highly recommend for anyone looking for a subtle sculpting product to add some depth and warmth to their face. I think it would be great for anyone experimenting with highlight and contour for the first time as it is natural and foolproof. For a more dramatic look , this stick makes a great base for powder products.

I am very happy I had the opportunity to try the Contour Trio Stick, particularly as it is not a product I would have picked up on my own. I think it is innovative and beautiful on the skin…GET IT!

Salux Beauty Skin Cloth

I love reading and watching videos about people’s product favourites online.  Much like I hope you enjoy reading our monthly GIFI posts! I enjoy hearing what people are saying about different products, and getting new suggestions and recommendations on what to pick up. There are some YouTubers and bloggers that I feel just get me. Their reviews and suggestions are always hits and our opinions and tastes seem to be similar. Nurberxo is one of these people. When Nur recommends something, I pretty much know I’m going to love it. And, don’t even get me started on her insightful advice videos, because I could talk forever about those.

So, after a bit of a hiatus, Nur came back to YouTube with a favourite products video and one of the items she recommended was an exfoliating shower towel called Salux. I had never heard of the Salux towels before, but apparently they are so popular that there are several fake versions being sold on eBay and Amazon. Counterfeit exfoliators are a thing, apparently. Who knew?

The Salux Beauty Skin Cloth was the winner of the Japanese National Invention award in 1966. The cloth promises to creates a rich invigorating lather with soap or that exfoliates your entire body as it polishes your skin. Its design is patented as the texture should remove dead skin cells, stimulate skin and promote blood circulation. The Salux towel’s design makes it longer lasting and more sanitary than a loofah.

I ordered two towels from The Salux shop for $17 CAD with free shipping. I would highly recommend this seller as shipping was speedy, communication was great and the cloths are authentic.


I chose two random colours, but I really liked that you could specify that you didn’t want white. The towels I received are pink and blue.


I was impressed right off the bat with the size of the towels. They are huge!

In the bath I wet the cloth with body wash and it lathers lightly very easily. I then use the Salux to exfoliate and scrub my body before rinsing.

I should mention, I’m an exfoliating madwoman. I can’t live without my loofah puff and exfoliating gloves. However, I am happy to say that my Salux cloth has taken the place of both of those. I really love that it provides a thorough exfoliation without being too harsh. The cloth is towel sized, which is fantastic as it is easy to drape and get to hard to reach areas like my back. The sensation when exfoliating with the Salux reminds me of dry brushing, and I really feel like it is improving circulation.

It is key to moisturize after using the Salux cloth, I find that the combination leaves my skin feeling super soft.

I will admit that I break two major rules with my Salux Beauty Skin Cloth. I’m not suggesting you do the same, just disclosing. I use it daily, and I use it on my face. Both, I’ve read are not recommended…but my skin digs it.

I am really happy with my Salux Beauty Skin Cloth. It is an affordable and effective addition to my skin care regimen and I would definitely recommend it…GET IT!



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