Gift idea-Nostalgia Collect

 I love greeting cards. In the era of texts and e-mails, it is so special to receive a handwritten sentiment from someone. I have always enjoyed picking out just the right greeting card for my friends. I can easily spend an hour in a card shop reading and perusing.

FYI ( because I expect you will all shower me with greeting cards after reading this post…no?!) my favourite greeting cards are made by Papyrus, as they really are like little works of art. I also love really funny, quirky cards. My friend Katherine once gifted me a birthday card featuring singing, dancing underwear and my day was made. It’s the little things, folks.

I recently discovered a new favourite source for the coolest greeting cards. They feature hilarious pop culture references and celebrity images to make for really unique and fun correspondence.

Nostalgia Collect is a company that was created by two brothers who took notice of society and pop culture’s viral effect on practically everything these days. They also saw an opportunity to share and create an alternative so to big box mall store greeting cards.  They started off as a small shop on Etsy with a few cards and have   grown their business into a collection of original cards and products relevant for all ages.

Inspired by memes, pop culture references, sports, music, movies, and more, Nostalgia Collect’s unique offerings convey greetings, well wishes and congratulations with sass and recognizable designs that friends and family will surely appreciate.

I recently picked up a few awesome designs that I wanted to share.

What first brought me to Nostalgia Collect, was looking for a unique card to give to my colleagues when I found out I would be leaving for a few months. I got this funny “Ahnold” card custom made with the name of my workplace ( Not shown here, nosey!)


I was able to give a cute,  personalized card that still had a handwritten note inside. I loved it!


I also picked up two Bey cards. Is anyone surprised?

IMG_20160607_210844839 IMG_20160607_210750458

Last but not least, the Sriracha card really speaks to my soul. Obviously, this one is being saved for someone special!


Check  out the full collection as there are many featuring Drake, Adele, Bieber, DJ Khalid, The Weeknd and more!
I think Nostalgia Collect greeting cards are creative and unique, and I particularly love that they are a small Canadian business. Etsy is awesome because it allows creators to connect with consumers looking for unique goods. If you are going to be purchasing cards, why not support a local business with a really fun product anyone would love to receive. Hallmark already has enough moola! I really welcome the opportunity to feature products like this on TNL to showcase the amazing creative work that people are doing on a local level.

Nostalgia Collect greeting cards are $7.99 CAD and they are high quality cards that come in a plastic sleeve for protection, with envelope. Their customer service is stellar, as reflected in their 5 start average of over 500 reviews on Etsy!

While I am featuring the greeting cards, you can also purchase stickers, posters, magnets and t-shirts from the Nostalgia Collect Etsy shop. I’ve got my eye on the Kim K crying face #currentmood  #uglycry t-shirt for sure!


If you love all things pop culture like me, and welcome the opportunity to gift friends and loved ones with a sentiment that is unique and funny, you’ll love all of Nostalgia Collect’s offerings as much as I do. Check out their Etsy Shop for greeting cards and gift ideas and don’t hesitate to contact them with enquiries and custom orders.

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