June Get it or Forget it


Vitagoods Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush

One of the things I learned years ago is that it is important to massage your scalp to stimulate the follicles which in turn promotes healthy hair growth if done often. So a good massage on your scalp with the pads of your fingers for a few minutes a few times a week (if not everyday) has its benefits.

When I saw this product in my email, I hadn’t read or seen a single review on it so I didn’t know there was already some hype surrounding it. I purchased it because it is called a “Scalp Massaging Shampoo Brush” that was described as promoting hair growth as it stimulates blood flow to the scalp along with making your scalp healthier by lifting away all impurities while shampooing. I suffer from scalp psoriasis which sometimes leaves my scalp very dry and flaky during a “flare up” and in turn very tender. So of course, as a scalp massager, it must feel pretty good right? On sale for under $20 on Groupon, I swiftly paid for it because who doesn’t like a good scalp massage especially while it is being cleansed?

When it arrived, I only had to remove a screw that secured the battery and load a single (YES only 1!) AA battery. It is a simple design that fits comfortably in your palm in between your fingers and doesn’t feel awkward at all, making it very easy to move about your scalp. It has a single 1-speed power button and the waterproof battery compartment separates from the massaging rubber tips for easy cleaning after use.


Let me just say that from the very first use, I was in love. Although it is only 1 speed, the gentle vibration is effective enough to not only clean the scalp (without irritating it, which is important for tender-headed folks like me) and stimulate the follicles but it feels oh-so-good as a scalp massage. I don’t even use it during *just* the shampoo stage but each one! If I didn’t have to stand there holding it myself, I would for sure fall asleep.

It apparently retails for $40 but worth it. If you can find it on sale then BONUS! This little guy is a definite GET IT!

Absolute NY 3D Liquid Illuminator

I was able to score this product after a fun game of plinko! at the Absolute NY booth at Gen Beauty . Because I have other products that achieve similar results I held onto this one until the summer months when you essentially have to go from 0 to 100 with the glow. I had the opportunity to use it on our recent trip to Cuba after I’d gotten a tan and could no longer wear any sort of foundation because it didn’t match.

The illuminator is in liquid (creamy) form and a little goes a very long way. I tend to be a little over zealous when I use things and always squeeze too much, so I had to be very mindful of this whenever I used this product.


I was a little concerned that the shade would not work with my skin tone but it blends nicely when worked onto the skin and stays put.

Since I abandoned any notion of wearing foundation after getting pretty sun-burnt, I was relying on that little glow to make my skin look nice and sun-kissed.  The illuminator was just the right amount of highlight on my skin.

GIFI Spotlight

This product is a GET IT!


Guys. We’ve talked about this. HOW IS THIS YEAR GOING BY SO QUICKLY? I just had to get that off of my chest. On with the show…

Its a lip product party for me this month. I know some people are going to be all like, ” How many nude lipsticks does she need?” But, theyre all different…ok?


MACLipstick in Gel

I am not a frost/shimmer/glitter kind of gal. Not. At. All. With the exception of some pretty highlighters and bronzers, my makeup picks are matte all the way. I never gravitate towards eye or lip products with any kind of frost whatsoever, so Gel is a MAC Cosmetics shade that would never be on my radar.

I noticed gel on Instagram when a couple of people I follow said that was the shade they were wearing in their pictures. I made a mental note to check it out the next time I was in  MAC store. When I was in store and asked about the colour, the lady at MAC couldn’t find it at first on the lipstick stand. “Hmm…let’s see” she said, ” Its really frosty.” I thought I must mixed up the name of the colour , or she was confused. It really did not look like a frosty colour in pictures.

When she located the lipstick, it was indeed a frosty metallic beige.


Not at all what I would normally go for. I swatched it, and took it home with me only because at least it was different than any other colour I owned.


When I tried it on , I was really surprised. I find that while the colour is metallic, it looks like sheen on my lips, rather than shimmer. It makes my lips took full and shiny and I prefer it with a nude lipliner like NYX Nude Truffle.


Gel is a beautiful beige nude colour that is the your-lips-but-better look I have grown to love. I think it is especially bronze and flattering with a tan.

This has been one of my most reached for lip colours this month. If you love neutral , nude, bronze tones and are looking for a new one for summer, I would highly recommend Gel. I also think its a safe foray into the world of frosted lipsticks if , like me they are usually outside of your comfort zone. GET IT!

Nudestix Gel Colour Lip and Cheek Balm in Haven

Nudestix has interested me since I started seeing their Lip and Cheek Pencil pop up all over social media. Intrigued? Yes. Intrigued enough to go online and order one sight unseen? Not quite. Sometimes that is the problem with products that are not available in many retail stores, I would  be way more likely  to give them I try if I could just drop them into my basket at the mall or drug store. I have since learned that Nudestix are available at select Sephora’s so that definitely helps.

A little background on Nudestix, they were created by sisters and models Ally and Taylor with the help of their mother , who is a chemical engineer. Ok, I already love that story, don’t you?

Here is the Nudestix mission, according to their site:

“We believe a natural look is a perfect fit for any face. We’re all born with our own unique look, so why cover it up with tons of makeup? When it comes to beauty, a little color goes a long way. A touch of color here and there is enough to bring out our finest features, so out with the crazy big collection and in with four simple solutions for face, eyes and lips. We think doing our makeup should be easy, enjoyable and–above all–fun…

So we created NUDESTIX. A simple collection of easy-to-use makeup crayons 
that cover all the bases and give you a fresh-faced, nude look. Enriched with skin-saving vitamins, antioxidants and moisturizers, each multipurpose NUDESTIX is loaded with just enough color to get the job done and leave you glowing.”

I picked up the Nudestix Gel Colour Lip and Cheek Balm in the shade Haven at Generation Beauty in Toronto. But, even though I wanted to try it , it kind of got buried in my makeup collection until this month. I actually felt like it was going to be a super sheer tinted Chapstick type application, so I didn’t reach for it.

When I did , I was definitely impressed. Haven is a pretty nude shade. Right up my alley. Right off the bat , I was impressed with the formula. It truly is unlike anything else I have used before. It is moisturizing with shine, and yet still feels thick enough that its not slippery or sticky. It really is a true gel product.


On my cheek, the pencil pretty much disappears on my skin. But I think if I tried a less neutral shade, the results would be very dewy and pretty

On my lips, the results are subtle, but polished and flattering. I love that a liner definitely isn’t necessary.


In my opinion, there are two definite downsides to this product.

First of all, I find the chubby pencil format annoying. It is great to carry around and fir in my smallest purses with ease, but I find it requires sharpening ( with a jumpo sharpener I had to but just for this product) frequently. When I sharpen it , I feel like I’m wasting good product.


My last problem with the Nudestix pencil is the price. They retail for $24USD. Yikes. While this tis probably on par with a high end lipstick, it somehow seems exorbitant for a chubby pencil.

The product itself though, fabulous.

So, I’m going to make this a thumbs up , thumbs down GIFI pick, based mostly on value. There are many more affordable great lippies out there. But, if you’ve got money to burn and are looking for a great , easy , on the go lip product that wears well and is a universally flattering nude shade….GET IT!




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