On The Prowl – Warrior Dash 2016

If you haven’t heard about Warrior Dash, it is a 5k, 12-obstacle race that is hosted in various cities throughout North America and you can read about Ash’s first experience here. This was Chris’ first year because much like you will see Ash say in her post, Chris didn’t join her that year because of fear of lacking the physical strength of an athlete. But with that said, we can start off by using the term “race” loosely as we are not like some super athletes who were in wholeheartedly for the challenge from the start. Essentially – anyone with some kind of will can become a Warrior.

Warrior Dash 2016 (1)

We arrived bright and early the sunny Saturday morning of the dash. It was held at the Mohawk Racetrack in Milton which is about a 45 minute drive from Toronto. Ash was immediately impressed by how organized the event was. It was nice not having to take shuttle buses from the parking lot to the venue as was her previous experience! Added to that, the parking was free this time, hurrah! Not only was the location better, but every step of registration – from getting our bib and beer ticket to t-shirt and warrior helmet and handing in our personals for safe-keeping – was a breeze. There were enough stations and volunteers to keep everything moving and it all happened so seamlessly that we had a lot of time to kill before our leg started. Might as well take pics, right?

Warrior Dash 2016 (4)

Since running isn’t our thing, we walked the entire way and calmly stepped aside to let others ran past us. The course involved a lot of climbing with mostly wooden structures so we would recommend bringing gloves along as the wood and ropes can definitely be hard on your hands.

While we couldn’t race with our phones, Warrior Dash has photogs along the way to capture the event and they happened to get a few shots of us.

At the Risky Business obstacle, we had to balance across a wet slippery beam or fall into a pool of water below. Luckily, we both made it across. It took Chris quite a lot of concentration and what felt like an eternity on this one, but the relief and pride were wonderful feelings afterwards. Speaking of photogs, the guy at this obstacle had quite the sense of humour and said to Chris afterwards: “I didn’t quite get that, could you go again?” Ha! Good one, buddy.


The Warrior Roast is another fun one for pictures. It is more ceremonious than challenging as we took a running leap over open flames.


We had already spotted the giant Goliath slide when we arrived at the venue. If the mud pit didn’t have us excited before, this sure did the trick! A giant slide? Hello inner big kids!

Warrior Dash 2016 (2) Warrior Dash 2016 (3)

At the top of the slide, we were informed that we would land in about four feet of muddy water.  Ash didn’t have much time to process this information, but the expression basically says it all.


Please know that open mouthed is not the way to tackle this one. Unfortunately, we didn’t realize this until we’d landed. In muddy water. With our mouths wide open. You get the drift!

After we crawled through the mud pit where Ash almost had to take up residence because she kept getting stuck….. We had completed the course! And We. Were. Muddy. Like, mud in all the crevices and we’re STILL trying to get it all out of our shoes! But, it was amazing and we felt so pumped and accomplished afterwards!

Warrior Dash 2016 (3) Warrior Dash 2016 (5) Warrior Dash 2016 (2)

If you have ever considered participating in Warrior Dash, trust us when we say that you should totally do it! There is no reason to fear what lies ahead; the day ends up being a whole lot of fun. There is such a diverse and encouraging crowd that you can’t help but get energized.


And if nothing else – there’s always the smoked turkey leg to look forward to at the end!

Please know that the picture to follow is the epitome of class and grace…

Warrior Dash 2016 (1)

We would love to do the Warrior Dash again next year and were thinking that it would be AWESOME as a group. So, what do you say team TNL? Who’s in?!


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