On The Prowl – Pursuit OCR

As you recently read, we participated in Warrior Dash 2016 and had a blast from beginning to turkey leg….. Um, end. In an attempt to prep for Warrior Dash, we decided we should check out Pursuit OCR.

From their site:

Pursuit OCR is the first fully indoor obstacle course training center fusing education, recreation, and recovery therapy into one fitness-based playground.

We’d like to say they had us at “obstacle course training” but if we are going to be real, it was all about “playground”. Oh but it gets better:

Test your speed, your strength and fun climbing and crawling. Don’t worry if you bail on the rings, you’ll land right in our giant ball pit.


PursuitOCR Chris_Pursuit IMG_20160516_075654175

We headed down bright and early one Monday morning (for their opening at 7am) to ensure that we had the place to ourselves. We were greeted by their lone staff member who gave a tour after we paid the $20 single-use fee and signed waivers, then humored us and took our pictures and off we went to play.

Pursuit OCR (8)

We couldn’t agree more, because we don’t intend to grow old!

Pursuit OCR is 10,000 sq-ft of everything that you can think of when it comes to an obstacle course.

Pursuit OCR (2) Pursuit OCR (9)Pursuit OCR (3)

We were amazed at the wonderful use of space and it was beyond anything we ever imagined! We went through one round trying to get familiar with the obstacles, and once we were satisfied with our playtime in the ball pit, we had another run-through (wooden structures, rope ladders, tires, poles, you name it). As expected it is quite the workout, but you won’t even notice because of all the fun you’re having climbing, crawling, running and jumping.

Here are a few pictures just to share how amazing the space is:

Pursuit OCR (5) Pursuit OCR (6)

  Pursuit OCR (7) Pursuit OCR (10) Pursuit OCR (11) Pursuit OCR (12)

And of course some action shots, TNL style:

TNL at OCR (1) TNL at OCR (2)

On top of the obstacle course, Pursuit OCR  also hold classes like strength training, flexibility training, kettlebell workouts and the gym area is accessible to the public at certain times.

Pursuit OCR is located at 444 Dufferin St 647-467-8444 and are open daily from 7am to 11pm. Have fun!

Pursuit OCR (1) TNL at Pursuit OCR

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