July Get it or Forget it


Miss Jessie’s Coily Custard

Because I have dense, low porosity hair (aka a tendency to be VERY dry), I concentrate more on care than on styling. SinceI know you never miss a post (*insert one-dimpled smile*), you may have noticed that I frequently review conditioners and other hair care products more than I do style products. When it comes to styling, most times I settle for a twist out where my hair does whatever it wants anyway or just flat-twisting it or wearing a scarf so that I can live my life. I am too low maintenance for the high maintenance requirements of natural hair. After a visit with a natural hair stylist a few years back where I learned that my hair can achieve the coveted “wash n go”, I might have tried one product to achieve the look again and went back to my old habits. But I had always remained curious.

When I finally decided to try this product, I quite frankly wasn’t expecting much. It’s almost like my hair  says: “Trying something else, are we?” and then chuckles.

 GIFI july 2016 (4)

It is the texture of a slightly runny, sticky gel and I thought: “ruh-roh this isn’t going to end well AT ALL”.

GIFI july 2016 (5)

I applied it to my dripping wet hair (after using some leave-in) in sections and expected there to be the white residue, so I was curious as to how it would look when it dried. I did like how it defined my curls from the time I applied it and then worked it through my hair, though.

GIFI july 2016 Miss jessies (3) GIFI july 2016 Miss jessies (1) GIFI july 2016 Miss jessies (2)

I let my hair air-dry, and like to lift at the roots and  shake the curls using my afro pick as it dries (this also helps to get rid of excess product). It dried almost clear with only some traces of product in certain parts but not terrible. The great part is my curls were not only defined but soft and shiny.

GIFI july 2016 (Chris_Miss Jessies)

My hair didn’t dry out either and most of the curls survive the night. All I had to do the following morning was spray my hair with water to activate the product that was already there and in turn the curls.

I used this product until it was done, which is always a good sign for a natural girl. This is a GET IT!

dippity-do Girls with Curls Gelee

So I was feeling confident and adventurous after using the previous product, so why not try something else? I always see this brand at Wal-Mart in the tiny “black” section and decided to give this gelee a go.

GIFI july 2016 (2)

It’s lighter and not sticky as compared to Miss Jessie’s:

GIFI july 2016 (3)

I carried out the same steps – applied the product in sections to wet hair after some leave-in. It left my hair SO dry and almost crispy and there was ZERO definition. It did nothing at all for my hair and I was so disappointed that I didn’t even take any pictures. I hated this product so much that I wanted to return it and wanted to kick myself when I couldn’t find the receipt. And to think I always keep my receipts! *shakes fist*.

Short and sweet, because this is a FORGET IT!


Quay Australia Maiden sunglasses

I am a sunglasses addict, I got it from my Mama. Not even so much that I have lots of sunglasses, more like I’m addicted to wearing them. I wear them year ’round , and I’m that girl you’ll see driving at dusk with sunnies on. If there is a hint of light outside, I need my glasses. I gravitate towards large frames, the bigger the better. My favourite are aviators. I have been on the hunt for the perfect giant aviator for years. Think Michael Douglas in Basic Instinct for reference.


Enter Quay Australia.

You, me and everyone in between is seeing Quay eyewear pop up all over social media. Honestly, some of the styles not my cup of tea, but they are the first brand I have seen in a while with a proper colossal aviator called Vivienne. Quay is difficult to get your hands on in Canada. I have seen Quay frames at Urban Outfitters and Simons but never the aviator styles like Vivienne. If you live in Canada, you know how gauged we get with shipping charges, so I was kind of “meh” about biting the bullet and ordering my pair.
Then Quay blew up. Actually Quay x Desi blew up. Desi Perkins is a very popular You Tube personality. She collaborated with Quay and released 3 pairs of sunglasses.  TYSM and On the Low did well. But, High Key? High Key essentially broke the internet. These oversized flat front aviators come in gold and black (with a third shade releasing this fall) and sold out immediately. These also brought new attention to Quay’s other aviator offerings as people are looking for alternatives when they can’t get their hands on High Key.

Now, what a great story this would be if now I told you about how I got my hands on a pair of High Key or Vivienne’s and I love them so. Well, I’m trying to get my hands on a pair of High Key or Vivienne’s and I know I’ll love them so, but this story takes another turn.
In trying to get a hold of the aviator frames I really want, I found myself perusing the Quay Australia site quite a bit and a frame that I wouldn’t normally be into caught my eye. As I mentioned, aviators and giant square frames are usually my jam, I don’t own any cat eye sunglasses. Maiden is a vintage inspired rounded cat eye frame from Quay. I really liked the matte black frame and smoky grey lens on these frames so I ordered a pair.

I know GIFI posts are all about a big reveal at the end but spoiler alert…I love these sunglasses. They are very well made and feel just as heavy and solid as my expensive Celine shades. The matte black is very nice and I think keeps them from looking cheap or tacky.

I really like the chunky cat eye, I think it is flattering to many face shapes and easy to dress up or down. This really has become my go to pair of glasses this summer. It really put Quay on my radar for having high fashion and quality products. I have since ordered Vivienne and am on the forever hunt for gold High Keys. If you too are looking for those uber popular frames, I recommend that you take a closer look at some of their other styles as you too might find one you adore…GET IT!

CoverGirl Smoothers Pressed Powder in Translucent Medium

When I was younger, I carried my MAC compact around religiously. I shudder to think about that nasty puff applicator caked with product and likely oil. And I wonder why I used to break out as a teenager?! Caring for my skin more as I got older, I was able to deescalate my oil slick status a little bit and through use of good products I don’t always have to blot through the day. In fact, in fall and winter months I can apply makeup then go without touching up or blotting all day with minimal shine. The summer is a different story. In summer months, I usually carry MAC mineralize skin finish natural and a fluffy brush if I know I’m going to be out all day. I quick swipe of this powder on my nose and forehead a couple of times a day is all I need to stay matte and shine free. When my mineralize skin finish …umm… finished, I decided to check out the drug store offerings for a new blotting powder.
I am a big fan of the CoverGirl Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 foundation so I was hoping that the Stay Fabulous line had some corresponding powder products. Alas, no such luck. So, I picked up the CoverGirl Smoothers pressed powder in translucent medium for $7 CAD. My hope was to find a colourless powder that would just make shine disappear without leaving pigment or chalkiness on my skin at all. I hoped a translucent shade would do the job.
It’s pretty uncommon that a translucent powder is actually translucent. Hence the translucent medium shade. It’s always strange to me that there can be a translucent light, translucent medium and translucent deep. Like, wouldn’t that just be light, medium and dark then? Anyway, I digress.
The CG Smoothers pressed powder comes in a slim dark blue plastic compact.


I appreciate that it is sleek and not overly branded. It is easy to slip in to even the smallest of purses and makes for very subtle touch ups on the go. The round cotton puff sits right on top of the pressed powder like most traditional compacts. This is necessary when you’re trying to get a sleek compact, but it kind of concerns me that the puff you’ve just used to sop up oil on your face is sitting atop my nice unused product. Blech.

As I mentioned, I generally only use blotting powder once or twice a day on my forehead and nose. One of the first times I applied this it made my Mom laugh as she noticed how light my nose looked in comparison to the rest of my face. Granted, I was quite tan. But, a true translucent powder shouldn’t do that. Sure enough, I notice that when I use this powder it is significantly lighter than my skin and can make my face look funny and chalky if over applied. You can see the lightness when swatched and unblended on my skin. I also find it chalky and patchy, it was very difficult to achieve a smooth swatch to photograph. Odd for a product called “smoothers” no?
It could be the case that I would be happier with the darker “translucent” shade of this powder. But, I really think translucent should just be translucent. I won’t be repurchasing the CoverGirl Smoothers Pressed Powder and will be heading to MAC for some mineralize skin finish as I probably should have just done in the first place. FORGET IT!


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