Mascara Log – Rimmel Wonder’Lash with Argan Oil

Say word?! We haven’t done a mascara log in 18 million years. You’d think we didn’t have a bazillion mascaras to try. I mean…. approximately. Fear not, friends, the obsession persists.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Rimmel is one of my favourite drugstore brands. One of my favourite mascaras is their Lash Accelerator, which I still like to pick up and keep in my collection for old times sake.

I like to get waterproof mascara, because I find it stays longer/better and defines my curly lashes to my desire. What I don’t like is how caked on some can get and that isn’t  good for the lashes – especially during removal. When I noticed a new mascara contained argan oil AND came in waterproof, well I had to try it. It’s for the blog, after all.

The things we do for you guys.

Rimmel Wonder'Lash (1)

As usual my decision was made because of the style of the brush, as it has been my experience that this design (flexible bristles) works better to separate and volumize my unruly curly lashes.

Rimmel Wonder'Lash argan oilThe formula, though gel-like, was light and went on easy enough that layering wasn’t an issue. It didn’t clump on as I’d feared and separated my lashes giving the definition that I’d hoped for while lasting throughout the day. And just like that, I’d found a new “go-to” daily mascara.

 Rimmel Wonder'Lash (3) Rimmel Wonder'Lash (4) Rimmel Wonder'Lash (2)

After a few uses, it dawned on me that my lashes looked moisturized. Basically, they still looked “wet” like I had just applied the mascara and was waiting for it to dry. However, it was already dry so I can only attribute this appearance to the argan oil component. It was definitely gentler on my lashes (and ultimately eyes) and removal wasn’t the messy tedious pain that waterproof mascara can cause. I totally agree with the “Product of the Year” win for 2015 – this product delivers exactly what you hoped for.

I like to use this mascara in my “cocktails” as the base since my lashes would be coated with the argan oil and gives good definition before using another mascara that would bring on the drama. (This is the problem with having several mascaras, it’s hard to stick with just one!).

Come through Rimmel, you continue to be my fave!

Have you used this mascara? What were your thoughts?

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