August Get it or Forget it



…………. Am I to understand that we are now in SEPTEMBER? The only exciting thing about this is that Ash’s birthday is sooooo close – YEAH!

Since it’s “that time of year” – you know, when we have to give our hair and skin EXTRA special attention in the harsh elements – is right around the corner, I have already started shortlisting the products that I could use to help the transition of the seasons. Ugh – I hate that I have to think about that already!

The Mane Choice Doesn’t get much “Butter” Than This

 GIFI (1)

I have tried Manetabolism vitamins and enjoyed the results (see review here) and have had my eye on a few of the products because the reviews are out of this world. What honestly stops me is the HORRIBLE exchange rate (get yo’ life, Canadian dollar) , so when they recently had a “Free Shipping to Canada” offer AND 30% off sale on certain products, well ya girl all the way here for that.

GIFI The Mane Choice

I wanted to get so much more but again, the exchange rate kept me in check.

I have since incorporated these products in my hair-care regimen, with my heart full of hope of lifelong love affair with the butter. The way my hair is set up though….. I wasn’t sure it would give me the results I had anticipated. As I have previously mentioned, my hair has a tendency to be very dry and thirsty, so most times when I do a twist out it’s just really a fro. I don’t mind, I dig it – it’s her life, I’m just living in it!

The butter is supposed to:

  • promote growth and retention
  • nourish and strengthen
  • minimize breakage and add shine

The main ingredient in the butter is Shea butter which explains it’s grainy appearance, resembling that of raw Shea butter. There is also a slight almost citrus fragrance that I would attribute to the essential oil blend that is also part of the ingredients list.

The Mane Choice Doesn't get much butter than this

The directions are to rub a small amount in your hands to dissolve the grains and then apply to dry or damp hair. I like to use it as part of the LCO method when I flat twist my hair at night: I spray my hair with a bit of water then the leave-in (Liquid), smooth the butter over the entire section then apply the style product of choice – usually Aunt Jackie’s  Curl La La Defining Curl Custard (Cream) – and finally seal the ends with castor oil (Oil).

When I take my hair down the following day (I use some of the butter on my fingertips as well) there is definition that stays even after being fluffed with a comb plus my hair stays soft and moisturized. As I said in my instagram post, this product has restored my faith in twist outs! The combination with the castor oil even leaves my ends soft with minimal frizz.

The Mane Choice results

I am SO happy I got this product, and will definitely make it a part of my regular care regiment. This is a GET IT x 1,000,000,0000!

Pearlessence Marula Treatment Oil

Whenever I run out of my night time oils and serums, I take it as an opportunity to try a new one (for the blog, of course). When I discovered this product at Winners and did a quick Google check to find out whattheheck Marula oil is, I decided to purchase it.

GIFI (2)

What is Marula Oil? Well, I’m glad that you asked! It has traditionally been used as a moisturizing agent and massage oil in certain countries of Africa, as well as for cooking and treating leather! The last part didn’t bother me in the least considering the versatility of coconut oil – aka THE most diverse oil on the planet – which I use it to cook, shine the interior of my car, in my dog’s food and on my hair/body. So treat that leather, Marula Oil, do you.

The back of the bottle reads:

“Delivers powerful daily hydration to help balance, revive and rejuvenate skin. Contains hydrating Marula Oil and Vitamin E to restore radiance and moisture-depleted skin”

I only use one full pump of the product on my clean, air-dried face and neck and then give it a few minutes before applying any night cream. However since it’s still summertime, I usually don’t even use a follow-up moisturizer; I find the use of this oil sufficient since I have oily skin. That will quickly change once the harsh winter months arrive.

It has a very subtle fragrance (YES! I hate face products with fragrance), is very light and absorbs into my skin easily without leaving any residue or that “heavy” feeling that I was concerned about since it is an oil. It leaves my skin feeling moisturized and replenished – a feeling that lasts all night into the next morning when I’m ready to wash my face again. It has also helped the overall appearance of my complexion, there’s that healthy, youthful glow that I am trying my darndest to hold on to.

I’m really glad that I found this product at Winners; it was also a good price ($12.99) for the size (118ml) and will last a long time since a little goes a long way.

This is a definite GET IT!


How. Is. It . Fall?

Explain it to me please, someone.

Summer lasted precisely four seconds but I still managed to try out some new products.

Jergens Original Beauty Lotion

The first product I tried in August was  purchased to help with my dry Summer skin. Is that a thing? Isn’t it supposed to be dry Winter skin. For me, my body could do with some skin hydration all year around and I am constantly on the hunt for easy everyday lotions and body butters to slather on. What I am looking for is an easy, rich everyday body cream.  I often use body butters and coconut oil but would love an easy peasy, pump out , quick absorbing, affordable lotion that I can slather on a few times a day.

I picked up Jergens Original Beauty Lotion at the drugstore for $6. I liked that it is a large (365mL) easy pump lotion that is inexpensive.


When I saw the name ” Original Beauty Lotion” it sounded like this is a popular classis product formula. However, the packaging also says that it is a new product. Odd.

The Jergens Beauty Lotion promises to replenish for visibly softer skin and claims to contain an illuminating “hydralucence” blend. Ok, Google…please explain.

Jergens says:

 Classic moisturizers have been reformulated with our breakthrough HYDRALUCENCE technology.

Our improved moisturizer works to:

  • Provide long-lasting hydration for visibly enhanced skin tone, texture and luminosity
  • Eliminate dullness and dryness, by creating a continuous layer of moisture on your skin to prevent hydration loss
  • Powerfully reflect light for deeply luminous skin

So, I have been using the Jergens Beauty Lotion for weeks now and it definitely gets the job done. While its nothing to write home about, it does what it is supposed to .


It is a lightweight body moisturizer that leaves my skin feeling soft and is easily and quickly absorbed into my skin. Fair enough.

However, where Jergens lost me here is the smell. The lotion is strongly scented and to me it smells like marzipan. Blech. Luckily the strong smell is only present when I am applying the product and it doesn’t linger on my skin. While decent, the lotion isn’t fantastic enough for me to justify that unpleasant smell. I will not be repurchasing. FORGET IT!

Too Face Melted Chocolate Liquefied Lipstick in Chocolate Honey

Nudes and reds, that’s where my comfort zone lies when it comes to lipstick. I am picky with my nudes too, I like a creamy almost matte nude brown with a hint of yellow in it. No pink nudes and no greyish stone nudes.

The perfect example is NYX round lipstick in Echo. I have a few faves, but this is the ultimate. It is also recently discontinued.*shakes fist at NYX* Echo is essentially the colour of my skin. It mutes out the colour from my lips and I adore it. For the sake of this post, let’s call it a dead lip nude shall we?

I always admire more pigmented neutrals on other people. When I try them on my self it is usually like nope, back to dead lip nude please…too much pigment.

When I first got my hands on Too Faced Melted Chocolate in Melted Honey, I was intrigued because while it is usually more pigmented and darker than I usually care for in a nude lipstick, it is comprised of the peach , brown, golden tones that I love.


The Too Faced Melted Chocolate lipsticks are a beautiful addition to their Melted line of liquefied lipsticks. These are a great alternative to the usual matte liquid lipstick as they are creamy and not drying or tight.


It is important to note that I feel the packaging colour and picture on the box is not a good indicator of the actual shade as it appears to be way darker than it is in actuality.

Too Faced says that each mouth-watering tube comfortably coats lips in bursts of intense, high-impact, saturated color, while an innovative, angled velvet tip allows for precise application. Exclusive technology inspired by the molten form of lipstick during lab production keeps lipsticks melted for the most high impact color and rich shine possible.

I thought that a highly pigmented colour coming out of a squeeze tube could be a mess, but I was surprised at how beautifully this applied. I wonder if darker colours would be as goof proof. I applied the colour without a lip liner and it was rich, even and shiny.


I love the shade as it actually does remind me of melted honey. I think it would be beautiful on all skin tones.


In all honesty , the first time I reached for this shade I replaced the colour soon after with Echo for the dead lip look that I have grown accustomed to.


But, I am getting used to the pigment and have been reaching for my Chocolate Honey more and more frequently. I highly recommend this beautiful liquefied lipstick. A little goes a long was so for $25, I think this product is well worth it.GET IT!

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