#TalentedinToronto – Your Chosen Coach

This is a pretty special installment of #TalentedinToronto because today I will be featuring someone very familiar. If you are a TNL reader ( thank you!) , you may recognize Chris as the other half of this blog. Chris has been working on some exciting projects recently and I am excited to share one of her other hats with you today.

From the first time I met Chris, her unwavering positivity and optimism were infectious. She is forever the happy hippie, promoting positivity and happiness everywhere she goes. She has always dedicated her time and energy towards helping others through a number of projects and volunteer positions , even while she worked at her professional corporate job and The Neon Leopard. In October of 2015, Chris made the difficult decision to follow her heart and leave the corporate world in order to pursue her dream of helping others and spreading positivity. What a gutsy move!

Fast forward to today , when Chris has become a certified life coach and introduced her coaching brand: Your Chosen Coach in order to empower people to become who they would love to be!

Chris has just launched her website: www.yourchosencoach.com

Life coaching seems to have grown in popularity almost overnight. I was a bit confused by the concept at first. In a world that is busier and more hectic than ever before, what a great idea to have someone professional help you in organize your thoughts, prorities and goals so that you are better able to achieve them. Side effects definitely include productivity, drive and self-love. We could all use a little help achieving those, no?

When asked about life coaching , Chris had the following to say:

” Just like athletes need a coach to help improve their skills in a sport, a life coach can guide a client into realizing they already have the skills to live the life they want to. They may just need a little nudge in the right direction and a Life coach can provide the right amount of insight to get them there.  I love to spread positivity and motivate others to live to their full capacity without any doubts!”

This is an exciting new endeavor for Chris and I am happy for her and proud to have seen her growth and development as she  prepared to be Your Chosen Coach. Mostly, I am excited for people to be able to have access to the guidance, inspiration and encouragement from Chris that I have had to good fortune of experiencing as her friend and business partner!

So, go visit Chris’  brand spanking new website. Be sure to follow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Let her know you’re a TNLer and that you read all about how she is #TalentedinToronto!

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