IMATS Toronto 2016

Some of you might notice that it’s just me sharing IMATS feedback this year, as opposed to our usual Chris & Ash duo. That’s because our dear Ash was under the weather this year, but I went to represent TNL (after all, the makeup needs us) and was in the company of friends Vanessa and Blogger/YouTuber Zenorah.

Oh hi Vanessa!


We went on a Sunday this year and I wondered a few things: what the crowd would be like? Would it be quieter? Is everyone all shopped out from Saturday? Will there be ANYTHING left?

Well, there was definitely the usual hustle and bustle that comes with being at IMATS but still it was quieter than the Saturday mayhem. I heard that that there were certain things sold out at booths, but for the most part my friends are I were content with what we’d gotten. there were the usual line-ups are Makeup Forever, Morphe and NYX, and this year Inglot and Limecrime were also present.

imats-2016-14 imats-2016-7 imats-2016-12 imats-2016-9

imats-2016-13  imats-2016-4

Hey Kat Von D, so how’s about one of each in this actual size?!


My favourite part is always seeing the special FX makeup and models walking around once the students are doing their handiwork.

imats-2016-11 imats-2016-2

imats-2016-3 imats-2016-10

I have to say that my intention this year was to BEHAVE myself and spend within reason. I made a mental note of things that I actually needed and tried my best to stay focused….

Okay…. So I fell off JUST a  little but I think I still did pretty well.

So here’s my haul:


  • 2 Benefit “They’re Real” mascaras in black because they’re the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth when it comes to handling my curly lashes. As soon as I arrived at the location, I made a beeline for the Benefit booth and I had to get 2 since they were discounted!
  • a Fan brush, kabuki brush and small angled brush from Royal and Langnickel.
  • Gleam body radiance set from Melanie Mills Hollywood. I’ve resisted every year, and then last year I got the radiant dust and use them ALL the time. Since they had a set of the body radiance in smaller sizes…. What’s a girl to do? I also had the pleasure of meeting Melanie herself! What an absolute sweetheart.


  • The MOST amazing red lipstain called Bawse Lady from The Lip Bar.
  • I purchased Bauhau5 and received samples(!) Nosferatu and Lolita at Kat Von D. Shout-outs to the Kat Von D team for the samples. I wish more booths did this.
  • And I can’t forget this guy…. I saw him as Zenorah perused the polishes, and fell instantly in love. Mind you, I had zero intention of adding to my nail polish collection, but talk about the PERFECT purple (my favourite colour) for this season – OPI Russian Navy. And it was half the regular price, so….

imats-2016-russian-navyAnd of course, reviews to follow! See, not bad right? Until next year….

Did you make it to IMATS? What did you get?!

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