Colourpop Haul

Online shopping from Canada can be a beeyotch. Like, actually. Most major retailers are located in the States or overseas which means that we often get nailed with sky high shipping fees or the worst ever… duty fees. To those stateside who don’t know what I am referring to, when you are ordering goods to Canada from an American retailer, you may or may not have to pay duty fees and taxes. The amount of this, and whether or not you have to pay it is often a big old surprise when your item gets to you.

I am loving that retailers are softening the blow a bit by offering free international shipping dates. Kylie Cosmetics and Colourpop recently did this. I also highly recommend shopping for clothing on ASOS, which always offers free international shipping.
Get to the point , Ashley.
I recently visited my bff Diana in Vegas. I took that opportunity to have some Colourpop products shipped to her place and I thought I would share the small haul.


Colour pop is a fantastic brand with really great quality products at an affordable price.  I previously shared some Colourpop lippy pics HERE and it was well received, so I thought I would do it again with my new goodies.
Colourpop is best known for their Ultra Matte Lips. These matte liquid lipsticks are only $6 USD a “pop” ( see what I did there) and come in a vast array of beautiful colours. They are one of my favourite liquid lipstick formulas because they apply evenly, have fantastic colour payoff and are not drying on my lips. They are also very long lasting. They tend to wear just a bit in the centre during all day wear but at $6 for a one-touch-up-all-day product, I am on board.

I picked up the Ultra Matte in a few shades:

Are and Be is a rich mauve plum

airbrush_20161014230142   airbrush_20161014225554

Chi is a cool toned nude beige

airbrush_20161014230103 airbrush_20161014225439

Kae is a deep warm yellow brown. I also picked up the Kae lip pencil.

20161014_212556 airbrush_20161014225324

I am extremely impressed with the Colourpop lip pencil formula. It is creamy and smooth with a fantasic sharp, no sharpen tip. For $5 USD , I will definitely be picking up more shades.
The second lip pencil I picked up is BFF 1 .


I think their BFF colour line of lip pencils is brilliant.
They are golden peachy nude that come in 3 tones ( light, medium and dark).
I initially thought the name was so fitting because it spoke to the fact that this would work for everyone and with many shades, making it your new best friend forever. I stand corrected though, Colourpop calls these pencils ” Be F*cking Fabulous”. Even better!

I also picked up an Ultra Glossy lip in Weho, also $6.Weho is a creamy peach beige.


I love this shade but most of all I love that the formula is shiny and creamy without being sticky.

This gloss also looks great paired with the She Bad lippie stick I chose.
This is a light beige nude in what Colourpop calls a matte X finish.

airbrush_20161014230325   airbrush_20161014225800
The lippie stick is creamy and very highly pigmented. It stays put but also keeps my lips hydrated and soft.

Here is She Bad topped with Weho. Favourite combo!


Where am I looking in these pictures? Can anyone tell me, please?

There you have it, my Colourpop haul. I am extremely impressed with the high quality and low price point of Colourpop. Everything I bought totaled less than $50. That amount would not even cover 2 high end liquid lippies. At that price, it is affordable to try new shades and products.
Colourpop also makes eye and face products which I have never tried. if you have, I would love to hear about it in the comments.

Have a look at the Colourpop lineup and Canadian friends, keep an eye out for free international shipping. Just keep your fingers crossed that you don’t get charged duty. Although, they may just be worth it 😉

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