January (2017!) Get it or Forget it


HAPPY 2017, y’all! I like to say the year as opposed “New year” because I want you to rock out for the entire year. So whether you make resolutions or not, make this year count! You are in complete control of your destiny, if you believe it. Also… We have so much in store for you here at TNL as well AHHHH!

Ok, let’s get down to doing this GIFI thang for yet another year (amazing!)

eos Delicate petals body lotion

We associate the word “eos” with the lip balm in the funky shaped container, right? Well, we recently had the pleasure of trying a few of their newer products – I tried the body lotion and Ash tried the shave cream. And much like lip balm, the design is very unique.


“Enriched with natural shea butter, avocado oil and vitamin E and with elegant, a blooming scent, your skin will be visibly softer and look and smell great.”

Now, we received this RIGHT on time, as the colder months had started to hit. Essentially, this body lotion would be put to a true test. It indeed has a lovely, light floral fragrance which I like. To me, when there’s too much fragrance there are just too many ingredients that I can’t pronounce and I like my skincare simple.

The texture is not too thick, and absorbs into the skin with a non-greasy finish that moisturizers my skin. It takes a LOT for my skin to remain moisturized for hours on end during the winter (I’m sure many, if not all can relate) so I didn’t really expect this product to work miracles on my thirsty skin. It did the job, and very well at that. I was so happy.

I REALLY liked this body lotion but I had one hang-up; because of the fancy design of the pump, it stopped working when there was still a bit of product left at the bottom. I twisted and turned but it doesn’t come off very easily, so I ended up cutting it with a knife! Alas, there was enough lotion to last me another 3 or so days. Yes, I’m one of those people who has to use every.last.drop of a product, especially when I like it.

This product is a GET IT!

Sephora Algae sleeping mask


I have not tried many masks that you keep on overnight, especially since they usually can be quite messy for the pillow situation.There are a few in this line of sleeping masks and the algae is formulated to: Cleanse and detoxify skin while helping to eliminate impurities for a fresh, radiant morning complexion.

At first glance, I didn’t think that there was even enough to get more than one or two full applications. The thing is: a  little goes a long way. The instructions are to apply a thin layer to freshly cleansed skin and let it dry then keep on overnight.


When I rinsed my face the following morning, there was a glow to my skin that lasts and the appearance of pores had been minimized. There was enough product in this little contained to use 3 or 4 more times, and with consistent use my complexion remained soft and radiant. I couldn’t stop touching my face! This is great to have in my winter skincare routine.

I love this, it’s a GET IT!


I can not possibly start without saying the obligatory, “I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S A NEW YEAR!” But for real, I can NOT believe it is a new year. 2016 flew by but there is something very special about a brand new year with a clean slate. I wish you all a year full of wonderful memories ,laughs and loads of new products! A new GIFI year…lets get it started!

eos Shave Cream in Vanilla Bliss

I think we have all tried an EOS lip balm before. They came on the scene with their revolutionary round design a few years ago and everybody and their Mama got one.  I have to say , it has been a while since I purchased one, and I did not even realize that they had expended the line to include some other lotions and potions, including  shave cream.

Did you know that eos stands for evolution of smooth? Who knew. When TNL received some of their products , I was happy to learn this because the Winter has been making my skin super dry and rough. I could use some smoothing over here.
I was looking forward to trying the shave cream on my legs to add some extra moisture during these colder months. I was also looking for a cream that could help with a smooth, nick-free shave.
Here is what eos has to  say about the product:
eos shave cream is packed with natural shea butter, vitamins B3, C & E, green tea and grape seed extract for beautiful skin. With 24 hours of skin-softening moisture, eos is so moisturizing you can shave wet or dry. Plus, it’s enriched with aloe and oat extract to help prevent nicks and razor bumps.  It is also paraben and phthalate free.

Sounds muy bueno. I was particularly excited about the opportunity to shave wet or dry.
The eos shave cream is thick and creamy.

I love that it comes in a plastic bottle and not those metallic ones that leave a ring around my shower.  I was initially worried about the vanilla bliss scent because vanilla is not usually my jam. However, this is a light, warm scent that its not overly …umm..vanilla. It is pleasant while shaving and then does not linger on my skin, even when rubbed in.

The shave cream applies very much like a moisturizer which sets it apart from other shaving products that are foams and gels. It spreads easily and evenly on my legs and stays put, which is important. There is nothing worse that trying to shave when your shave cream or gel is making it’s way south in the shower.


I was able to achieve a comfortable, even shave with no nicks , both wet and dry using the eos shave cream. Shaving out of the shower was the biggest bonus to me.  The product did not leave any residue or irritation. On top of that , it left my legs feeling soft and smooth.
The eos shave cream is an excellent product and I will definitely repurchase when I finish this bottle. GET IT!

Oval makeup brush from Wish

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have likely seen oval makeup brushes all over social media. This brush design was introduced by a company called Artis. The Artis oval brushes are beautiful.


However, I have dropped some serious coin on makeup fads before, so I was hoping to test drive a lower priced oval brush first to see if I like it before investing in a set.

This seemed like a great opportunity to test drive an app that I have been hearing lots about, Wish.

Wish describes itself as the app that makes shopping fun. Over 200 million people use Wish to get trending items for 50-80% cheaper than what you’d pay at your local mall.

When I say that Wish has EVERYTHING, believe me. I have yet to search anything on that app that I could not find. They even have knockoffs of Kylie lip kits, Sigma brushes and more. I would NOT recommend ordering any of those, who knows what is in those products. But for oval makeup brushes, I was happy to try generic.
I ordered a small oval makeup brush for two dollars with one dollar shipping to Canada. Amazing , right? The prices on Wish are unbelievable. But , and it is a big but…the item took THREE MONTHS to arrive in Toronto. Apparently this is not unusual as Wish products are often shipped from overseas. But , three months?! I will not be doing that again.
When many moons passed and my brush finally arrived, I was thrilled and excited to give it a try. I chose a small size , a bit smaller than a toothbrush in order to use it to blend under eye concealer. I though this might be a great alternative to the beautyblender which I find can move the product around a bit too much for my liking.
The brush feels well made and solid and the synthetic hairs are dense and oh-so-soft. I also love the sleek curved handle and combination of copper and black.

I apply my Anastasia Beverley Hills concealer under my eyes when I need a bit of a woken up brightening in my face ( translation-every day) then I blend it out with downward strokes of the oval brush. I love it. It sheers out the product without removing it or moving it  and it is soft and gentle for the delicate under eye skin. This particular brush is just the perfect size for that area.


I love the oval brush design as I find it easy to hold and control. I am surprised no one thought of these sooner. I would be very interested in trying an oval brush for foundation application.
The oval brush gets a definite two thumbs up from me, GET IT!
I look forward to trying more of these oval makeup brushes . If this purchase is any indication, there is no need to drop big bucks on a set either. However, I will not be purchasing from Wish again as my wish is not to grow grey hairs while waiting for my order.

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