#TalentedinToronto product review – Sara Bella Makeup

As Canadians, there is nothing more thrilling than discovering a local makeup brand. No shipping hassles, plus you get to support one of your own. We had the opportunity to partner up with one of these companies – Sara Bella Makeup who makes products for brows, bronzers, blushes and lips – and we had the pleasure of trying out one of her top sellers – the vinyl lip lacquer.

From her site:

Sara Bella is a multiple award winning internationally published freelance makeup artist based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Her passion is creating beauty through her makeup and this shines through in her work… She has brought with her a wealth of knowledge, experience and fresh ideas that has set her apart in the Toronto market.

Chris went for a berry shade titled “Soaked”.


Ash opted for a mauve nude named “Uptight”.


Our choices are probably no surprise to those who know us or follow the blog.


We found the vinyl lip lacquer to be a vibrantly pigmented and shiny.  They do not require a lip liner of a lipstick underneath to achieve definition or colour payoff.  Best of all, they are super comfortable on the lips, a welcome change to the drying matte lip trend that we have been favoring lately.

We are so glad that we found a winning product in a local brand. Kudos  to Sara Bella Makeup for creating a great formula lip product that comes in a beautiful range of colours and is a reasonable $15.

Check out the Sara Bella site as the line also features bronzers, blushes, concealers and more!

To any Canadians interested in trying the lip lacquer, enter code TNLTeam to get free shipping!

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