Product Review – Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics has been taking the beauty world by storm so it was only a matter of time before TNL checked it out. It seems like people either love them or hate them with no in between, and as usual we are here to share our honest and unbiased reviews!


I have to start off by saying that I probably wouldn’t have tried this product had it not been for Ash giving it to me as a birthday gift. There are just SO many [affordable] options, and there’s just too much headache when it comes to the shipping. Plus I’m not usually one to give in to any kind of hype. But those colours were so amazing! SO Ash on the sly asked me what colour I liked and I gravitated to “Kourt K’, and voila there it was on my birthday. Thanks, Ash!


It’s a beautiful deep burgundy that is perfect for the fall that comes with a lip liner (and a slight vanilla-like fragrance) and note with instructions.

The instructions say to apply the lip-liner over the entire mouth first and then top with the lip stain. Since I am not one to follow instructions very well, I didn’t do this. The first time I only used the lip stain. It applies easy and dries almost instantly (yay!), but because it was SO dry it literally felt like I had restricted movement of my lips. I literally thought that the entire thing would crack if I tried to talk. The colour looked great, but my word was my mouth dry, so I applied some lip balm over top so I could feel like my lips were moving. But then I had to constantly re-apply the lip balm, because I couldn’t shake that feeling.


When I tried the product again, I followed instructions or whuteva (Bretman Rock voice) and applied the lip liner first and then the lip stain to see if the results would be better/different. I found that the stain applied streaky and because it was so dry it started “pilling” (coming off in tiny grains) even after applying lip balm (actually that made it worse). So then I had to deal with dry, streaky lips – no bueno.


It got to the point where I could not wait to get home and just exfoliate my lips. I really wanted to like the product, but this left a bad taste on my mouth (see what I did there) and I have zero interest in purchasing anymore Kylie Cosmetics products. As I said at the beginning, there are far too many affordable options anyway.

But maybe Ash had a better experience?


I was gifted the Kylie lip kit in Ginger and was elated to give it a try.


I , like many others have been watching all of the hype on social media since Kylie launched her makeup line and I have been curious to give them a try. It burns me a little to contribute to the krazy Kardashian empire. But, it really sounds as though the Kylie Cosmetics line actually contains some high quality, beautiful makeup products. Let’s see.
I am in love with the Kylie Cosmetics logo. I think it is gorgeous and while you aren’t supposed to judge a book by it’s cover, it definitely drew me to the line.
The Kylie Cosmetics lip kits retail for $30 USD. They contain a matte liquid lipstick and a matching lip liner.
Ginger is a matte terra cotta brown shade. It is beautifully warm and rich. Right up my alley without being too close to other shades that I already own.

Right off the bat , I was incredibly impressed with the lip liner. It is smooth and even. It doesn’t pull or tug at my lips and basically applies like a dream. The liner reminds me of the Colourpop lipliners, which are also excellent. Ironic, since there have been rumblings that suggest Kylie and Colourpop products are identical and manufactured at the same location.
The liquid lipstick is an identifcal colour match to the liner, and it goes on easily and evenly with a doe foot application. I have heard that some of the darker colours of the Kylie lip kits are hella streaky , so I has happy to see that this is not the case with Ginger. I am able to get an even opaque application of the lip colour with only one coat. I think that this is the key to a good matte liquid lip as they tend to chunk up when you layer them.
This is a very pretty liquid lip colour that applies and wears well. It doesn’t feel overly drying through the day , and I find that it only wears off a bit in the centre of the lips unless I eat something greasy through the day. It is pretty much on par with other liquid lipsticks that I have tried and I am certainly impressed. What puts the Kylie lip kits ahead of the pack when it comes to their competition is the fact that they come paired with a matching liner.

I give the Kylie lip kit in Ginger two thumbs up. I really like the product and would love to try more shades and products from the Kylie line in the future.

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