Viviscal Giveaway!

We often share the products that we use on our hair here at TNL. We may have two different hair types, lengths and styles but we both share the goal of trying to get healthy, thicker hair that grows as fast as possible. We have learned from your feedback that we are not alone on this mission and are all looking for the products that can make our #hairgoals a reality.

When Viviscal approached us, we were looking forward to giving them a try as we are with all new products, but we have to admit that we were both a little skeptical; there have been hair supplements that we have tried in the past with lackluster results. We received a 3 month supply Viviscal Extra Strength Supplements that we shared and tried out for 6 weeks.



Viviscal 3 month

Viviscal is the #1 selling naturally sourced hair supplement in North America. Only Viviscal dietary supplements contain the proprietary AminoMar CTM marine complex, plus a blend of vitamins and minerals that are essential to promote healthy hair. In the 1980’s, a Scandinavian professor studying the Inuits discovered that their great hair and skin was the result of their fish- and protein-rich diet. He isolated the key protein molecules from the Inuit people’s diet and, from these origins, AminoMar CTM was created. It is a combination of marine protein, a blend of Horsetail (Stem) Extract and naturally occurring Silica.

A number of clinical trials have been done using Viviscal.  The first clinical trial was published in 1992 in The Journal for International Medical Research. Since then, they have conducted more trials on a larger scale. The clinical trials are structured in a double-blind fashion, and the participants are randomized and given one of two supplements: Viviscal or a placebo. The Viviscal supplement has consistantly had statistically significant positive results compared to the placebo.

So, here’s what we thought of our six week trial:



Well, as you can see, I had very favourable results when I took the Viviscal. I have to say that I was a bit skeptical because it only has a small fraction of biotin, and in my brain I need lots of biotin to see any real hair growth (check out my review of Manetabolism). My favourite hair vitamin is actually Biotin 5000mcg from GNC, so Viviscal’s claim was getting a side eye. I was TERRIBLE at remembering to take them at the beginning and missed a day here or there; it took me a couple of weeks before I really got into the routine.

But here’s the thing: even though I was inconsistent I still noticed little sprouts of new growth after the first week; so if that wasn’t incentive to get my “a into g” then I don’t know what was! I do have to say that my hair thankfully has growth spurts with any sort of hair vitamin that I take, so it was pleasing to see that Viviscal was doing what it promised. Once I continued with consistent use, the spurt just kept on going. My hair started to get thicker and it felt so much healthier.

However, it didn’t stop there! I also noticed that my nails were not only growing but they looked and felt stronger. Unlike Ash with her naturally beautiful nails and girly hands, I struggle on this front, so it was nice to see my nails get healthier!

I was totally PLEASED with my results from taking Viviscal.


Let me start by saying that hair growth products are one of the hardest things to review. I am not a patient person, and patience is key here. Plus, it is very difficult to measure or even notice results as they are extremely gradual.

I found Viviscal easy to take and I did so religiously as directed, one pill in the morning and another in the evening with food. The first and most notable change for me was that after a few weeks I started to notice that my eyebrows were growing at a faster rate than ever before. This was an easy change to notice, as I had to increase the frequency of having them threaded. I also noticed that my eyelashes appeared to be thicker and  longer. Christen got to be the lucky recipient of my whining that I wish the same thing would happen to the hair on my head , where I still had not observed any change.

Then, nearing the end of my received supply, a magical thing happened. I noticed not only that my hair density was slightly thickening around my crown and also that some new healthy baby hairs were starting to come in around my hairline. Hurrah. I have since purchased another month of Viviscal to see if this continues!

It is important to note that we are sharing our experience after 6 weeks of taking Viviscal Maximun Strength however it is recommended that you take the supplements for three months to see real results. So with that said….

We have partnered up with Viviscal Canada to give ONE LUCKY WINNER a chance to win a THREE MONTH SUPPLY of Viviscal Maximum Strength!

Here are the rules:

1 – Head on over to Instagram and follow our page as well as Viviscal Canada.

2. Repost our image of the Giveaway on your page – PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOUR PAGE IS PUBLIC SO THAT WE CAN SEE.

3. Comment “done” on the IG post.

4. BONUS – subscribe to our blog and comment “Done” below for AN EXTRA CHANCE TO WIN!

The contest will run until Wednesday May 31st at 11:59pm and then we will randomly select a winner! GOOD LUCK!

In the meantime,click HERE to find out more and see where to purchase Viviscal in Canada.







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