Scenic Caves Eco Adventure Tour

A couple of months ago, I was invited to join a group of friends on an Eco Adventure Tour at Scenic Caves, and we at TNL never say “no” to a new experience. Mind you, I hadn’t quite looked into what it entailed and thought it literally was only cave tours, which to me sounded cool enough. I am a “go-with-the-flow” kinda gal anyway.

Fast forward and the day is finally here; I hear mention of zip lining and couldn’t be more excited since I had wanted to try that for a REALLY long time. So we sign a waiver and then are told that if we need the washroom one last time, this was it.

The excitement really set in!

So what did your girl Chris not read? Well, here is what the Eco Adventure Tour included (from their site):

  • Hike to the suspension bridge
  • Tractor/wagon ride through the forestTreetop forest canopy walk (600 meters across 10” wide airborne walkways strung between a web of platform decks)
  • 300 ft. zipline through forest (45 ft. vertical drop / 14 meters)
  • Explore most caves & caverns
  • 1000 ft. zipline across escarpment (150 ft. vertical drop/ 100 meters)
  • All day access to explore the Park (available at an additional cost: Thunderbird Twin Zip Line, Mini-golf, Gemstone mining)

And then just like that we were being strapped into our gear by our tour guides.


Once our entire group (3 separate parties that had booked the same time) was ready, we were on our way after introductions and safety guidelines. After a short walk, we were at the Suspension bridge where we got a short history lesson on how it was built and took in the beautiful view. Because of my love or elephants, I only remember that there should be no concern of a weight restriction as it can hold upwards of 15 full grown elephants.

EcoAdventure  EcoAdventure View

Then we hopped onto a tractor and were on our way to the treetop canopy walk portion which was of course nerve-wracking to begin with (especially considering how clumsy I am) but got more and more thrilling with each step.

EcoAdventure2017-03 EcoAdventure2017-04


And then the moment we had been waiting for: ZIP LINING! By the time we had treetop trekked, our nerves were definitely ready to go sailing through the forest. This was actually the first of 2 included in the tour at a modest 300ft zip line across with the 2nd being 1000ft.


Once everyone had their turn, we hopped back onto the tractor and headed over to  where the caves were located. However, given the day and time (Saturday on a long weekend) and how crowded the caves were, we were not able to fit in the cave tours before our 1000ft grand finale zip-line. Only it wasn’t the finale for us; it was such an exhilarating feeling that we decided to take advantage of the tour discount ($15 instead of $25) and try out the Thunderbird Twin Zip-line which was a whopping 2550 ft in length with a 287 ft drop. What was especially cool about it was that you controlled your speed by pulling down or easing up on a lever on a trolley in front of you, all while riding alongside a friend.

I had a BLAST on the entire tour and highly recommend it to those who are seeking a new fun experience. While it isn’t for the faint at heart, it is actually amazing to be able to do something so thrilling. Our tour guides – Gord and Lauren – were so engaging, knowledgable and fun to be around.

Scenic Caves Nature Adventures is located at 260 Scenic Caves Rd in Blue Mountain.

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