IMATS Toronto 2016

Some of you might notice that it’s just me sharing IMATS feedback this year, as opposed to our usual Chris & Ash duo. That’s because our dear Ash was under the weather this year, but I went to represent TNL (after all, the makeup needs us) and was in the company of friends Vanessa and … More IMATS Toronto 2016

On The Prowl – Generation Beauty Toronto 2016

You could probably hear the collective shrieks of joy (or perhaps, you took part) when Ipsy announced months ago that their popular Generation Beauty (more commonly referred to as Gen Beauty) event was making its way to Toronto. Gen Beauty has previously only been held in American hot-spots Los Angeles and New York. A little … More On The Prowl – Generation Beauty Toronto 2016

Chris has a foundation routine!

Hey sugar crystals! Remember me? I was the girl who couldn’t be bothered with wearing foundation because I was lazy. Sigh. I even started this feature that has basically gone nowhere because I have been too occupied with eating my words. Here are a few reasons for my word consumption: Mary Kay Cosmetics (my foundation boo thang!), Nacara Cosmetics and Revlon … More Chris has a foundation routine!

Chris’ Love for Lipstick in Purples & Deep darks

If you recall from my first post about my fave lipsticks, I started with my favourite reds and berries in my lipstick collection. Now it’s time to move on to the purples and the darker shades. These are so necessary during the winter. Now, I love purple. Like a lot. No, really. I will find any excuse to incorporate … More Chris’ Love for Lipstick in Purples & Deep darks