DIY Fruit roll-ups

Have you ever found yourself scrolling through Facebook and someone shared something that made you say: “Oh, I’ll be trying that”? Especially when you see how easy it was? I know you’re nodding your head right now! Someone shared a post about making mango fruit roll-ups and I was all in. I fancy myself a … More DIY Fruit roll-ups

Ash Makes Quinoa

Every single time I write a post like this, it starts the same way…with a disclaimer. Let me make it short and succinct. I don’t cook. I don’t claim to know how to cook. I don’t enjoy cooking. There, it’s been said. However, I get by. I try things, and sometimes they work. I share … More Ash Makes Quinoa

DIY Deodorant

If you follow us, then you may recall that I was recently inspired to make my own Whipped Hair and Skin butter after watching HeyFranHey and Shameless Maya in action on YouTube. So after watching Fran make Raw & Organic Deodorant a while back, OBVIOUSLY this meant that I had to try it especially since … More DIY Deodorant

Rose Reisman’s Personal Gourmet 2 Day Juice Cleanse

Have you entered our giveaway yet? Click this link and enter to win some of our favourite things then meet me back here! Done? Great. Let’s proceed… A few months ago, I completed a 10 day juice cleanse. Read all about it HERE.   I found that drinking only fresh juice for a few days helped with my allergies, skin, … More Rose Reisman’s Personal Gourmet 2 Day Juice Cleanse