#TalentedinToronto product review – Sara Bella Makeup

As Canadians, there is nothing more thrilling than discovering a local makeup brand. No shipping hassles, plus you get to support one of your own. We had the opportunity to partner up with one of these companies – Sara Bella Makeup who makes products for brows, bronzers, blushes and lips – and we had the … More #TalentedinToronto product review – Sara Bella Makeup

#TalentedinToronto Product Review – Ajani Cosmetics

Do you know what’s better than discovering a new lipstick brand? Discovering a new & local sista-run lipstick business. Thanks to social media, Yasheda Johnson – girl boss of Ajani Cosmetics – became one of my most active Instagram followers (and vice-versa) over the past year. So when she relaunched her brand and website a … More #TalentedinToronto Product Review – Ajani Cosmetics

Chris’ Love for Lipstick in Purples & Deep darks

If you recall from my first post about my fave lipsticks, I started with my favourite reds and berries in my lipstick collection. Now it’s time to move on to the purples and the darker shades. These are so necessary during the winter. Now, I love purple. Like a lot. No, really. I will find any excuse to incorporate … More Chris’ Love for Lipstick in Purples & Deep darks